‘NCIS’: Why Did Duane Henry Leave the Show?

by Joe Rutland

Duane Henry would play a beloved character on NCIS in Special Agent Clayton Reeves but his stay on the show didn’t last too long. Henry came on the show after trying out for the role with late showrunner Gary Glasberg. Yet Glasberg would die in 2016 and it left others wondering what to do with this character. Well, there really happened to be just one choice those others on the show would make collectively.

Why did Henry leave the show? It was sadly tied to Glasberg’s death. Upon joining the CBS drama, Henry was 37 years old. Trying to decide what to do with Clayton became a point of contention. But show producers would make the call and get Reeves, and Henry, off the show. How did that make Henry feel? He talked about it back in 2018 with TV Line in an interview.

Duane Henry of ‘NCIS’ Looked Back At Character’s Creation

“Clayton was Gary’s brainchild, he created this character,” Henry said. “So when Gary passed [at the start of Season 14], I was feeling a bit of panic in people’s faces. I could tell that they were not really sure [what the future held]. I kind of got my bearings together and thought, ‘What’s going to happen now with the character?'” Well, we know what happened with Reeves.

It happens in an episode titled One Step Forward, we see Reeves go hang with Abby, played by Pauley Perrette, at a restaurant bar. They get through with eating but things go awry, according to Express. Reeves and Abby get approached by a mugger and Clayton gives him his wallet. Abby, though, wants to chat and say she can help him. That does not go over well when the mugger shoots his gun. This leads to a cliffhanger and would wind its way into the Season 15 fain episode. We see Reeves’ corpse in an autopsy room. He jumped in front of Abby and took that bullet. It killed him.

Actor’s Name Joins List Of Others Who Have Left Show

Hearing about Henry’s departure just adds his name to the list of other beloved actors who left NCIS. Others on that list include Michael Weatherly, Cote de Pablo, and even Mark Harmon. Fans have been clamoring for Gibbs, Harmon’s character, to make another appearance. He left during the show’s last season with Gary Cole coming on as Alden Parker. These fervent followers of the NCIS world would not mind seeing Tony DiNozzo, played by Weatherly, coming back, either. Go ahead and add Ziva David, played by de Pablo, to the mix, too.

The casting changes might leave some fans dizzy. We understand because our favorite shows work best with some consistency. All the moves that happen will affect how some people connect with their favorite shows.