‘NCIS’: Wilmer Valderrama’s Cryptic Post Has Fans Seriously Concerned for Torres

by Shelby Scott

After nearly 20 seasons as well as a revolving door of characters, “NCIS” fans have every reason for concern regarding potential cast member departures. Season 18 concluded with the exit of fan-favorite character Eleanor Bishop (Emily Wickersham) and in season 19, fans were heartbroken as they said goodbye to the iconic Leroy Jethro Gibbs. Now, we near the end of the same season, but this time, fans worry about Special Agent Nick Torres. After a cryptic post, combined with an intense trailer, Wilmer Valderrama and his character’s future at “NCIS” appeared in danger following last week’s episode.

Special Agent Torres Faces Death ‘NCIS’s Latest Episode

The below clip highlights Wilmer Valderrama and serves as the trailer for the April 18th episode of “NCIS.” Overall, the episode follows Torres in a treacherous investigation. As we hear from Director Vance in the trailer, Torres is being hunted by a criminal put away years ago. And, now, after the man’s release from prison, he’s hellbent on revenge. Take a look.

Before the episode aired, “NCIS” fans became worried we might face yet another heartbreaking cast member departure. And if you combine the above clip with Wilmer Valderrama’s cryptic post (below), things looked bleak for the beloved character.

Wilmer Valderrama Has a New Role and It’s Worrying ‘NCIS’ Fans

Wilmer Valderrama and his character survived the latest hair-raising “NCIS” investigation. However, it’s not just his role as a special agent that has fans worried. On top of the suspense of “NCIS,” it’s Wilmer Valderrama’s part in Disney’s “Zorro”-based series that also has fans worried. With two projects in the works, they’re wondering how much longer Torres will remain on the investigative team.

Ahead of airing last week’s episode “Last Dance,” one fan begged the “NCIS” actor, “I know that you are going to be playing Zorro, I just pray they don’t kill off Torres. My heart can’t take it!”

Fortunately, the nerve-wracking episode ended with Torres very much alive. And as for “NCIS” fans, the series’ showrunners have not made any announcements, or have even suggested, that Valderrama plans to depart the show.

Upcoming Episode to be a Genuine Family Affair

The latest episode of “NCIS” was incredibly intense, with Wilmer Valderrama and his character potentially facing a bleak, and overtly violent, end. However, the next episode of “NCIS,” entitled “The Brat Pack,” exudes a totally different vibe. There, we’ll see a special feature on original cast member Sean Murray.

The next “NCIS” episode, “The Brat Pack,” is set to air on Monday, May 2nd. And, in a major turn from episode 18, Sean Murray will star alongside his daughter, Cay Ryan Murray. As we can see, from first-look photos, the Tim McGee actor appears immensely proud to star alongside his kid as she portrays a troubled teen tied to a string of break-ins.

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