‘NCIS’ Star Wilmer Valderrama Drops New Behind-the-Scenes Snap With Agent Knight

by Samantha Whidden

With less than two months until the 20th season premiere of “NCIS,” Wilmer Valderrama is giving fans another behind-the-scene sneak peek with co-star, Katrina Hall. 

“On set with Agent Knight,” Valderrama shared in the snap’s caption. “We are swinging away on episode one!… big premiere. ‘NCIS’ is back September 19 at 9pm.”

The “NCIS” crew also commented on Valderrama’s social media post. “The dynamic duo is reunited!” A fan also gushed about the duo’s snapshot. “OMG can’t wait. Me and my mom love ‘NCIS’ and are huge fans keep up the great work.”

Another fan added, “So ready for Season 20 to start. Thank you ALL for helping bring the magic to the fans. Have a FANtastic Friday and weekend.”

“NCIS” was officially renewed by CBS for a 20th season in March 2022. The hit series has aired more than 430 episodes since its premiere in September 2003. The long-running show went back into production earlier this month, with the crew sharing throwback snapshots of the cast on set. “Miss us? We’ve got good news — ‘NCIS’ is back in production for season 20 and we can’t wait to have this team back on our screens. See you real soon.”

Wilmer Valderrama Says His ‘NCIS’ Character Nick Torres Will ‘Never Be the Same’ After Season 19

While speaking to CBS News prior to the 19th season finale, Wilmer Valderrama spoke about how the last season of “NCIS” impacted his character, Nick Torres. 

“Season 20 just got picked up, so we have a runway and a canvas to do some things. With this character, we’ve done the crossover episodes and we put him through a lot of trauma. There has been a lot of fracturing that has happened to him the last couple of years.”

Valderrama says his character was going through a pretty tough transition. This is due to him deciding to be what he wants to be. “We have a case from the past and there is a love story intertwined in there that he was a part of and that comes in full circle. It gives him something to really fight for or something to perhaps feel really guilty about. I think there is something about that that is going to be transformative for the character and he will never be the same after tonight.”

Meanwhile, Valderrama spoke about his career and how working is impacting his daughter. “I had a moment of reflecting during Easter,” Valderrama explained. “Because I was looking at my daughter and she is 14 months old and she is walking around for the first time.”

Valderrama then said he looked back at all the roles he played and all the roles he wants to play tomorrow. “They are directly attached and what reality do I want her to grow up into. I want to be responsible for those characters that are contributing to where we have to go next with content. I think a lot of my next chapter will be creating characters that she will see herself in and feel connected to.”