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New Photos Show Historic ‘NCIS’ Crossover With All Three Shows

by Joe Rutland
(Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS ©2022 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.)

If you have been waiting for some clues or insights into the big NCIS crossover taking place on January 2, then we have you covered. NCIS, NCIS: Hawaii, and NCIS: Los Angeles all will have agents working on the same case. The basic storyline involves one hitman bringing all of the teams in on the case. A FLETC (Federal Law Enforcement Training Center) professor died of an apparent suicide. Yet this professor, beloved by many, has his students thinking that foul play might be taking place here. They look deeply into a lot of information. What we will see is team members getting kidnapped. This leads to the agents applying their strengths together to get the assassin.

The work gets started on NCIS in the episode titled Too Many Cooks. Agents come together for the professor’s retirement party. They soon get to work on a new case involving everyone. Look for Chris O’Donnell and LL Cool J from NCIS: Los Angeles and Vanessa Lachey and Noah Mills from NCIS: Hawaii on there. Up next will be NCIS: Hawaii with its episode titled Deep Fake. We’ll see Jane Tennant, Palmer, played by Brian Dietzen, and Sam captured by a woman. She claims to be a CIA agent and wants intel from the team. O’Donnell guest stars, too. Jesse; Ernie, played by Jason Antoon; Whistler, played by Tori Anderson; and Alden Parker, played by Gary Cole, happen to learn about an asset that’s in Hawaii and it could be connected to a series of assassinations.

‘NCIS’ Crossover Will Wrap Up With ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Episode

TV Insider indicates that NCIS: Los Angeles wraps up the crossover event with the episode titled A Long Time Coming. Rountree, played by Caleb Castille, and Fatima, played by Medalion Rahimi, get ambushed. This happens while they are looking for NCIS‘ Kilbride, played by Gerald McRaney. He’s been missing in action and they also learn that each team member has a bounty on their head. So, the team must go out and save Rountree and find Kilbride. This is going down while pretty much all the bad guys are hunting them down. Other guest stars on this episode include Cole, Lachey, Wilmer Valderrama as Torres, and NCIS: Hawaii‘s Yasmine Al-Bustami as Lucy. If you want to get a look at these photos from the crossover event, then go right here.

As you might know, this is the first time that a major crossover like this is going down between all three shows. Having them work together in different formats and forms will be interesting to see. One person that is not a part of the crossover that we wish was in here is Hetty Lange, played by Linda Hunt.