Should ‘NCIS’ Fans Prepare for a Season 19 Cliffhanger Finale?

by Emily Morgan

As the “NCIS” Season 19 finale gets ready to air on Monday, May 23rd, fans wonder what they can expect from the team. More specifically, is a cliffhanger in the works? While CBS doesn’t always opt for this strategy, we know it’s usually a hit with fans.

For instance, viewers saw an example of a dramatic cliffhanger when Gibbs’ boat exploded with him in it during the last few moments of the show’s finale. We also got a cliffhanger when Ziva showed up at Gibbs’ house.

Yet, it’s still unclear what kind of ending fans will get during the highly-anticipated finale, titled “Birds of a Feather,” on Monday night. However, according to the show’s history, it’s bound to give us a look into Parker’s future.

Most of the episode will center around him, so it isn’t likely for a cliffhanger to center on another character. The finale’s synopsis reads that Parker is accused of murder, and the team puts their jobs and lives on the line to find the truth.

Beyond Parker, fans might also get a cliffhanger from Nick Torres, played by Wilmer Valderrama. His time on the show is up for debate since he signed on to play Zorro.

So far, this season of “NCIS” has done nothing but exceed fans’ expectations. The show took us all by surprise in the fall when it bid adieu to Mark Harmon. He played the lead character, Leroy Jethro Gibbs. While we’ve still gotten mentions of Gibbs throughout the current season, the series has focused on establishing more of a bond among the team’s new lineup, including Jessica Knight (Katrina Law) and Alden Parker (Gary Cole).

‘NCIS’ finale to feature Gibbs’ energy

The finale will hold some connections to the show’s former leader, even if he doesn’t make an appearance. Gibb’s presence has still been felt throughout the entire season. We’ve also seen characters like Torres and McGee adjust to Gibbs’ departure in their own ways.

As the new leader, fans will likely see McGee step up to the plate. While Torres will still be struggling, at least he will have his team behind him.

Offscreen, the CBS crime drama has already been renewed for season 20. Any cliffhanger we get will likely get resolved in the fall when it comes back on the air. Although the finale is bound to have explosive action and drama, it’s also expected to feature heavy emotion.

Now, fans will have to wait and see if there could be a surprise cameo from Gibbs or another character from the show’s past. But, whether he makes an appearance, Gibbs will surely be felt in the “NCIS” finale. The dramatic finale of season 19 airs on May 23 on CBS.