‘Yellowstone’ Prequel ‘1923’ Now Has an ‘NCIS’ Connection

by Suzanne Halliburton

The newest Yellowstone prequel, 1923, now has a connection to NCIS. It’s almost like we can play Six Degrees of Separation between Gibbs and John Dutton.

We’ll explain. On Thursday, 1923 revealed more character details as the show announced more additions to the cast. Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren are the headliners. They’re acting royalty, with Ford playing two iconic characters — Han Solo in the Star Wars franchise and Indiana Jones. Mirren has won an Academy Award, a Tony and four Primetime Emmys.

In 1923, the two play married couple Jacob and Cara Dutton. Jacob is the brother of James, who Tim McGraw played in the first prequel, 1883. James is presumed dead. Now, here’s where NCIS comes in. James Badge Dale will portray John Dutton Sr. He’s Jacob’s oldest nephew, with show creators describing John Sr as his uncle’s right-hand man. And we’re assuming that Kevin Costner’s present-day John Dutton is John Sr’s namesake.

James Badge Dale joined the cast of 1923, the Yellowstone prequel. He is in a long-term relationship with former NCIS star Emily Wickersham. (Michael Loccisano/Getty Images)

Former NCIS Star Is in Relationship with New John Dutton Sr

Now, who is Dale? He and Emily Wickersham are in a long-term relationship. And as NCIS fans all know, Wickersham played Ellie Bishop, the boss agent who followed in the incredible footsteps of Kate Todd and Ziva David. When Wickersham left the show, Katrina Law’s Jess Knight took over the role as office badass. Want to get into an intense NCIS discussion? Ask whether you’d prefer Ziva or Bishop to have your back. And Mark Harmon’s Gibbs mentored all of them. See, Gibbs to John Dutton. We told you we could link them together.

Wickersham’s last NCIS episode was the season 18 finale. Here’s how writers explained her departure. And it had something to do with Ziva. Bishop started training to go deep undercover, probably for the CIA. She needed to trash her reputation as an NCIS agent, so everyone thought she’d leaked top secret documents. Gibbs told her it was OK to walk away and not look back. But Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) figured out what she was doing. He linked her to Odette, an operative connected to Ziva. Torres and Bishop kissed. Then Bishop walked out of his life and departed NCIS.

Emily Wickersham and Wilmer Valderrama played partners on NCIS. (Michael Yarish/CBS)

Wickersham Announced Her Pregnancy Weeks After Finale

After leaving NCIS, Wickersham relaxed. She also revealed she was pregnant a few weeks after the finale. Wickersham announced her pregnancy via Instagram. She was wearing a black bikini, which showed off her baby bump to perfection. With Dale on location filming Hightown, Wickersham posted photos of her pregnancy. Then baby boy Cassius was born, Dec. 30. You can check out the most recent photo of the couple’s son below.

Meanwhile, the Yellowstone prequel is shooting in Montana. It’s set for its premiere in December. And Wickersham likely will be watching, as NCIS fans wish she’d return to their favorite show. The season 20 premiere is Sept. 19.