Netflix Pulling 233 Episodes of ‘Criminal Minds’ This Month

by Megan Molseed

Criminal Minds fans are getting some disappointing news as Netflix is moving the first 10 seasons popular crime drama TV series from its library on June 30. However, all is not lost, as the streaming service continues to provide the last two seasons of Criminal Minds. Giving us a great way for us all to catch up on the early parts of the series as we wait for more info on a possible reboot.

Criminal Minds Fans Have Just A Few Days Left To Stream On The First 10 Seasons On Netflix

For some time now, Netflix has been running seasons 1 through 12 of the popular crime drama series. But, with this latest announcement fans have learned that they now have just over a week to binge the first 10 seasons of Criminal Minds; before Netflix pulls these episodes from its library. However, fans can still catch these early episodes on alternative streaming platforms.

Fans who are hoping to re-watch the entire series, but need a little more time to do so, can catch any of the show’s 15 seasons by tuning into Paramount+. We can also catch the final three Criminal Minds seasons on Hulu; as well as the show’s first season on Amazon Prime.

Additionally, Amazon Prime also has all 15 seasons of the popular crime-drama series available for rent or purchase; as does YouTube and iTunes. Of course, for the die-hard Criminal Minds fans, there’s always the option of getting the entire series in hardcopy. The series is available in a DVD box set format, for just $119.99.

Paramount+ Revives Criminal Minds While Also Bringing Fans An Entirely New Reality-Based Crime-Drama Series

Criminal Minds follows a unique FBI team called the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU). This popular police procedural drama follows the elite detectives in the unit as they work to profile some of the most violent criminals and murderers. To do so, the BAU detectives use a variety of methods to understand the workings of these criminals, profiling the perpetrators in order to bring them to justice.

The final season of the hit CBS crime-drama series wrapped up just a few years ago in 2020. However, it wasn’t long before the execs at Paramount+ realized how big of a fan favorite the series had become. So, by 2021, the streaming platform began plans for a revival series.

Paramount+ also pulled from the idea of the popular series, ordering another show called The Real Criminal Minds. This series aims to follow the real-life detectives and sciences that inspired the popular series. So far, no official premiere dates have been set for either series.