‘On Patrol: Live’ Premiere Delayed After Major Technical Issues

by Shelby Scott

Live PD was supposed to return to broadcast TV at 9 p.m. EST Friday night with its revival series On Patrol: Live. But, after hyping up the all-new series throughout the weeks, excited fans were soon disappointed. A major technical issue on the Reelz network kept the brand new reality show from airing on time.

According to Yahoo! News, it took over an hour for Reelz to get On Patrol: Live up and running for its debut episode. Scheduled to run from 9 p.m. to 12 a.m. EST, the brand new show still had not come on by 9:16. Taking to Twitter, Reelz’s official account posted, “Sorry folks. We are aware there are current technical problems. We are working on it as fast as we can.”

The technical difficulties were especially frustrating for fans of the original series Live PD. Live PD became canceled, alongside Cops, in 2020 amid major controversy. So, with a premiere time of 9 p.m., fans were ready to reunite with the old cast when a delay kept that from happening. Instead, the network played another reality series, Jail: Las Vegas.

Unfortunately, the news outlet reports that by 10 p.m., the new show had still not come on. Dan Abrams, On Patrol: Live‘s host and executive producer, took to his own social media pages where he wrote, “We are shooting live but Based on the #OPNation technical issues I’m told the show will air from the beginning. Believe me. We are frustrated. Sorry!”

As per the outlet, On Patrol: Live, much like its flagship series, will follow seven police departments nationwide, airing from 9-12 every Friday and Saturday night.

Dan Abrams Believes ‘On Patrol: Live’ Will See Some Backlash

As mentioned above, On Patrol: Live‘s original series, Live PD, was canceled just a few years ago following major controversy about law enforcement in the United States. Now, though, with On Patrol: Live (finally) up and running on the small screen, Dan Abrams shared earlier this week that he believes the revival series will see some backlash.

In speaking about the original show, Abrams said, “This show has become a part of my DNA.” About Reelz, he added, “I certainly want a partner who feels the same way. Reelz is really excited about this series. They’re committing a lot of their entire network to the series and are going to put their marketing behind it.”

Despite Abrams’ and Reelz’s dedication to On Patrol: Live, however, the former did admit he feels the series will face backlash. When Live PD got canceled, Abrams’ said he felt “disappointed” and “felt strongly the show belonged on the air.” That said, he did understand the reasoning behind its cancelation. However, now, a few years later, many Americans are still joining in the controversy, discussing the conflict between law enforcement and specified members of society.