‘One Chicago’: Does the Franchise Ever Cross Over with ‘FBI’?

by Shelby Scott

Dick Wolf remains one of the most successful producers on primetime TV. Overall, he has a multitude of dramas absolutely dominating ratings every single year. In addition, the Hollywood icon is famous for encouraging crossover events between his three successful franchises: One Chicago, Law & Order, and FBI. On multiple occasions, we’ve seen each of the three franchises feature internal crossovers between their own respective shows. In addition, we’ve seen One Chicago cross over with the long-running crime drama Law & Order. However, as we impatiently await the return of all three franchises to the small screen, we’re wondering, has One Chicago ever crossed over with FBI?

According to One Chicago Center, the answer is yes. As per the outlet, both franchises share the same universe. Further, the crimes that occur within each of the franchises take place alongside one another. On occasion, the characters from each of the two franchises have even come together, making for a memorable crossover event.

Given the newness of Wolf’s franchise FBI compared to One Chicago (which launched in 2012), the first time the two franchises crossed over was in 2020. The FBI episode, “Emotional Rescue,” featured two notable One Chicago appearances. Fire alum Monica Raymund directed the episode while Chicago PD star Tracy Spiridakos appeared as Detective Hailey Upton.

Since then, the two have not crossed paths. And, if Chicago Fire showrunner Derek Haas’s insight is anything to go by, then we won’t have another major crossover any time soon.

‘One Chicago’ Boss Explains Why Multi-Franchise Crossovers Are Rare

One Chicago‘s trio of shows Chicago Med, Fire, and PD, not to mention FBI‘s own trilogy, cross over within their own worlds quite frequently. However, it’s much less often we get multi-franchise crossovers such as the one between One Chicago and FBI in 2020. Nevertheless, thanks to Chicago Fire showrunner Derek Haas, we at least have some insight as to why.

In speaking with TV Insider, Haas previously explained, “It was so much more work than when we do the Chicago ones,” he said of the 2020 mass crossover event.

“Just even having the bad guy go all the way through the three episodes, get him to Hungary,” was much tougher. Haas said that things like jet lag and work schedules created issues in trying to create the dynamic crossover.

Altogether, he said, “It was way harder than even the hardest Chicago crossover that we’ve done.”

Nevertheless, the outlet emphasized both FBI and One Chicago bosses have established a working relationship across series. As such, it means a major crossover event could happen at any time. So, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for any inter-franchise cameos as our favorite dramas return later this fall.