‘One Chicago’ Fans Call Out Major Issue With the Halstead Brothers

by Joe Rutland

Nick Gehlfuss and Jesse Lee Soffer play the Halstead brothers in their respective One Chicago dramas, but what’s different about them? Will Halstead, played by Gehlfuss on Chicago Med, can show up with some level of patience. That’s an important thing to have when working in a medical establishment like Gaffney. Jay Halstead, played by Soffer on Chicago P.D., has some capability around his work. He shows up and is quite matter-of-fact in his own unique style.

One fact that remains up in the air is their age. Both actors are in their mid-30s, which is good. They can just lace up their boots and stay on their shows for a bit longer. Yet there was a time when the distinguishing age did become a public matter. In the second season of Chicago P.D., Jay introduces Will and calls him his little brother. A thread on Reddit helps us a little bit about this issue. See, the original poster writes that Will is actually the older brother.

Age Difference Comes Under Scrutiny For ‘One Chicago’ Characters, Stars

“When their dad dies, there’s a little bit of resentment between the brothers because Will left to go to Med School while Jay was left behind before joining the army,” the Redditor writes. Another fan replies, “It’s going to be interesting if the writers bring it up again because I definitely remember Will referring to Jay as his big brother in early seasons.”

In real life, Soffer is 38 years old while Gehlfuss is 37. That can get tossed into the mix of how different each character is from one another. What One Chicago shows do to help make characters stand out is really cool. There’s no doubt that the guiding hand of Dick Wolf and his team flesh out differences well. It’s always wonderful to see both Soffer and Gehlfuss show up on crossover episodes.

While that situation is ironed out, ironically Gehlfuss wants to play another type of character over on Chicago P.D. What type? An undercover cop. Earlier this year, he was hanging out over on Instagram on the official Chicago Med account. When he’s asked what role he’d like to play on Chicago P.D. or Chicago Fire, Gehlfuss replied, “an undercover cop sounds like a lot of fun.” Imagine seeing him play one on a One Chicago show. Would he show up as one on P.D.? Either that show or even Fire would work. Having him play one on Med while also being his regular character sounds too far-fetched. Sure, there have been some classic TV sitcoms that have had stars play dual roles in their shows. It looks rather dated and not too much fun these days.