One Chicago Marks One Month Until Series’ Premieres in New Post

by Taylor Cunningham

The summer lull is nearly over. Starting next month, our favorite TV series will finally begin to make their fall premieres. And Sunday marked a special day for the One Chicago franchise.

As the franchise’s official Instagram page made us realize, all three of the shows—Chicago PD, Chicago Med, and Chicago Fire—drop exactly one month from Sunday, August 21st. So that means that “the countdown is getting closer.”

Filming is already well underway for the trio as well. According to One Chicago Center, the cast and crews all returned to their respective sets on July 19th.

Here’s Where Our Favorite ‘One Chicago’ Series Will Begin

So what can we expect when the countdown finally hits zero?

As the stories pick up, PD will be in its 10th season, and the team will be reeling from the events that led to Anna’s death. We may also finally see a conclusion to the Burzek saga. After Kim and Adam nearly lost their adoptive daughter, Makayla, to a kidnapping, their on-again-off-again romance was off again. But with the shared parenting responsibilities, the couple will have to find a true beginning or end to their love.

Med will move into its 8th season this fall. The opener should resolve last May’s major cliffhanger. In it, Will Halstead and Scott ended up trapped in a burning apartment building after they helped undercover cop Jo go into hiding. Pam Blake also suffered a stroke mid-surgery, and the episode hints that she may never be able to operate again. Also, Ethan Choi ended up handing his spot as chief to Dean Archer, who happens to be one of the main antagonists in the series.

And finally, Fire will open with Season 11. When the finale aired, the characters were celebrating Stella Kidd and Kelly Severide’s nuptials. But while the episode was mostly happy, there were a few lingering issues that we’re anxious to watch play out. Most importantly, we may learn the fate of our favorite couple, Sylvie Brett and Matt Casey. Casey moved away from the 51 during Season 10, and the two tried to give their relationship a shot long distance. However, Matt quickly found a new home in Oregon, and he’s not looking to move back to Chicago. And Sylvie knows that she belongs in The Windy City with her firehouse team. So their realizations leave little hope for lasting love.

As mentioned above, all three One Chicago seasons will begin on Wednesday, September 21st on NBC. The special night will begin with Med at 8 p.m. EST, followed by Fire at 9, and PD at 10.