‘One Chicago’: Watch the Series in This Order to Catch Up Quickly

by Shelby Scott

One Chicago’s trio of shows concluded at the end of May. However, we’re already looking forward to the franchise’s fall premiere. Unfortunately, we don’t have any new news as far as premiere timelines go. But the good news is that in the meantime, you can catch up on Chicago Fire, Chicago Med, or Chicago PD. Or perhaps even all three. If so, then this is the order you need to watch the series if you’re hoping to get caught up.

Basically, watching Dick Wolf’s One Chicago dramas in chronological order will make the most sense of each series. Essentially this means beginning with Chicago Fire. Chicago Fire launched in 2012 with leading cast members including Taylor Kinney, Jesse Spencer, and Eammon Walker.

Afterward, One Chicago fans should tune into Chicago PD. PD became the first responders series’ first spinoff in January of 2014. Additionally, PD got its roots in Chicago Fire. In fact, it was where we first met the Investigative Unit’s sergeant Hank Voight as well as Detective Antonio Dawson. Altogether, PD boasts nine seasons with Fire leading by just one more.

Finally, after you’ve had your fill of firefighting and police pursuits, turn on Chicago Med. There, we get a slightly different taste of the Windy City through the eyes of Gaffney Medical’s leading professionals. Of all three series, Med is the most junior, airing in the late fall of 2015.

‘One Chicago’ Crossovers Are the Exception to the Binging Rule

For the most part, Looper states you’ll be able to follow One Chicago‘s timeline pretty well if you watch the three shows in the above order. However, there is one exception to that timeline and that’s the show’s collection of crossovers.

One Chicago hasn’t hosted a major crossover event in some time, with the last taking place in 2019, entitled, “Infection.” Since then, we’ve seen minor crossovers, with PD star LaRoyce Hawkins making a cameo in Chicago Fire during one of Kelly Severide’s arson investigations, and then later in the show with Detective Hailey Upton following one of Firehouse 51’s most intense MVAs of season 10.

However, watching the major crossover events is crucial in order to make sense of them all. Sadly, that’s easier said than done. As per the outlet, there’s no easy way to list the franchise’s collection of crossovers in chronological order. Instead, each event differs and viewers will have to pay close attention to the episodes’ sequence in order to determine what to watch first.

To make matters more confusing, the franchise often interacts with series outside of its immediate universe. Because Dick Wolf is the producer of three successful ongoing franchises, Fire, Med, and PD occasionally cross over with his other projects, Law & Order: SVU, Law & Order, and FBI.

Altogether, playing catch-up might seem overwhelming. But to see the entirety of every One Chicago story, it will definitely be worth it.