‘One Tree Hill’ Star Bevin Prince’s Husband Dies After Being Struck by Lightning

by Shelby Scott

One Tree Hill star Bevin Prince bid a tragic goodbye to her husband William Friend when news broke that he’d been struck by lightning during a storm on Sunday. Authorities found Friend deceased on a boat following the storm.

According to WECT6 News, Friend was struck and killed around 3:15 p.m. over the weekend. New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office responded to the incident alongside their Marine Unit. The local authorities saw further support from Wilmington Police Department’s own Marine Unit. Authorities responded to the scene after civilians flagged them down during a patrol.

As per the outlet, first responders performed CPR on the 33-year-old as they waited for EMS. Sadly, Prince’s husband died before he could reach the hospital.

Following the TV star’s husband’s death over the weekend, Prince’s best friend Odette Annable took to Instagram to share a heartfelt tribute. The Instagram post, which you can view here, features photos of William Friend from his day-to-day life alongside Prince. Photos show him posed beside the One Tree Hill star. Other images show him cuddled up to his and Prince’s furry friend who appears to be a Labrador retriever.

Annable’s post pays tribute to everything Friend had begun to accomplish in life. She referenced his life with One Tree Hill‘s Bevin Prince, as well as his dedication to his business ventures.

In speaking about Friend’s relationship with Prince, Annable wrote, “You were perfect for her in every way. You supported her dreams, you made her feel seen, you adored her with every bit of your soul, and I will forever be grateful to witness that kind of love.”

‘One Tree Hill’ Star’s Best Friend Sets Up GoFundMe in Lieu of Flowers

In her Instagram tribute, Bevin Prince’s best friend not only recalled some of the most memorable traits the One Tree Hill star’s husband possessed; she also provided followers with information about where they could best share their support. In the post online, she asked followers to donate to GoFundMes set up for two of William Friend’s favorite causes.

Specifically, Annable wrote, “in lieu of flowers, please consider donating to these causes that Will believed in with his heart.”

She first lists the business he built along with his wife, Recess By Bevin Prince. Per the GoFundMe’s message, “There was nothing Will respected or valued more than the American Dream, entrepreneurship, and women in business.”

Other causes include Special Operators Transition Foundation. As per the page, the association offers aid to Special Operations “heroes and their families.”

Generally, the organization helps combat veterans adapt to life away from the frontlines, instead helping them to build a positive career in the “private sector.”

In speaking about the One Tree Hill star’s husband, the page proclaims, “Will was passionate about any cause that honored our brave servicemen and women.”