‘Ozark’: Julia Garner Reveals How She Gets Into Character as Ruth

by Leanne Stahulak

Julia Garner continues to impress audiences with her performances, from “Ozark” to “Inventing Anna” to “The Assistant.”

While Julia Garner is most well known for her role as Ruth Langmore in “Ozark,” she’s also nailed dozens of performances before and since then. She stands out because of the way she can convey emotions with few words, and the way she really inhabits the characters she plays.

But Garner achieves that level of authenticity in a very specific way. She explained her process for getting into character to W Magazine last summer. At the time, she described it as a “kind of a hocus-y pocus-y process.” It’s a weird combination of manifesting and method acting, per the outlet.

“I kind of just relax my body and try to take myself out of it and put the character inside,” Garner told W Magazine. “And then I ask questions and let the character answer them. ‘What was your biggest fear as a child? What was your greatest trauma?’ She becomes a person to me, someone I know inside and out.”

So, imagine “Ozark” star Julia Garner acting as her own psychologist. It sounds like a pretty involved process, but it certainly seems to work well for her. She’s gained two Emmy awards out of it, after all, and likely has a third nomination coming her way.

‘Ozark’ Star Julia Garner Explains that Her Character ‘Told’ Her About Her Finale Fate

Fans of “Ozark” were shocked and disappointed to see Julia Garner’s character Ruth Langmore bite the dust during the series finale. But apparently, it wasn’t all that surprising for Garner.

Following the idea that Garner interviews her characters to really understand them, the star told Time Magazine that Ruth “told” her about the upcoming death scene.

“She told me she was afraid to die,” Garner said. “Which was very weird. Because Ruth is never afraid to die. Ruth thinks she can handle anything.”

Let’s just say that “Ozark” showrunner Chris Mundy was shocked to hear Garner ask if Ruth would die during the final season.

 “He’s like, ‘How did you know?’” Garner revealed. “Honestly, I told him, ‘I didn’t know. But Ruth knew that she wasn’t going to be an old lady.’”

It makes a sad sort of sense that Ruth wouldn’t grow old. She had too much trouble to stir up. But Garner still didn’t want to let the character go.

“From an artistic point of view, I feel like ending on a high note like this is probably the smartest move. You don’t ever want to be the last person leaving the party,” she said.

You can catch all four seasons of “Ozark” now, streaming on Netflix.