‘Ozark’: Laura Linney Looks Back at the Show’s Cast Through the Years

by Megan Molseed

The Byrde family and their acquaintances took on the streaming genre by storm with its dark storyline as Jason Bateman’s Marty Byrde set out in Ozark’s first season to desperately try to raise and launder money for the mob. Fans of the popular Netflix series know well how this has turned out, with the second half of the show’s final season finally dropping last week.

Now, one of the show’s stars, Laura Linney reflects on the series. Remembering how much her costars have changed over the years. Especially Skylar Gaertner and Sofia Hublitz who portray Linney’s on-screen children in the series, Jonah and Charlotte.

Laura Linney Reflects On How Much Her Ozark Costars Have Changed Over the Years

Laura Linney portrays Marty Byrde’s wife Wendy Byrde in the popular Netflix series, which found a successful four seasons on the streaming service. And, during a recent discussion, the star reflects on the cast over the years. Marveling on how much they’ve changed since season one. Particularly the two actors who started the series as young kids.

“If you go back to Season 1, you’ll see how small Skylar is,” Linney says of Skylar Gaertner.

“I mean, itty bitty, sweet little boy,” the Ozark star remembers, noting that both he and Sofia were so tiny when the show hit Netflix. Linney also remembers how each of the young stars spent their downtime on the Ozark set.

“Sofia reads all the time, so I would see her reading,” Linney recalls.

“And Skylar is incredibly creative,” the Ozark star adds; remembering some of the “unbelievable” things he has made for his castmates over the years.

“He made bird houses one year,” Linney recalls of Skylar.

“He made pens made out of wood,” she adds.

“And at the end, when we finished, he called me into his dressing room, and he had made an unbelievable miniature version of the Byrde House,” the actress continues. “It’s gorgeous.”

Of course, as Linney reflects on how much her TV children have grown over the course of the series, she also remembers how close the entire cast grew to become across Ozark’s four seasons. And, ending the series sort of felt like “graduating from a college that you loved,” the actress recalls.

“The last day on set was very sad,” Linney recalls.

“But it ended with the family all together,” the Ozark star recalls. “So that was great.”

Linney recalls how she and all of her costars shared “something together” over the years.

“You’ve all grown, you’ve all changed,” Linney says.

“You’re all off to different places,” the actress explains.

“We’re all going to miss each other,” she adds. “But we’ll all be bonded, no doubt.”