‘Ozark’ Star Jason Bateman Gets Called Out by Longtime Friend Will Arnett on Live TV

by Samantha Whidden

They may be close friends, but there seems to be some “beef” between Will Arnett and Ozark star Jason Bateman over a vacation. 

During his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Arnett spoke about his friendship with Jason Bateman. He also pointed out that he wasn’t invited on the fishing trip that Kimmel took with the Ozark alum. “Look at this,” Arnett started. “So Jimmy goes on vacation, you guys didn’t invite me on vacation. And I know what you’re gonna say is we always sort of did. You didn’t really.”

Caught off guard about the comments made about his vacation with Jason Bateman, Kimmel replied, “Well, okay, if in my wife sending you an email specifically inviting you on vacation, that you didn’t respond to at all in any way … Is that, I mean, does that count or that you would need something engraved?

Arnett went on to say, “I’m not kidding, this is not a bit, I totally [beep] forgot about it. She did and I said, ‘We were going to be away.’ So. But anyway I’m still mad. There’s no matter you got to go in there. I’m so deep on being mad about it.” 

Kimmel then shared a photo of Jason Bateman holding a fish while on the trip. “Jimmy sent me this photo of Jason,” Arnett declared. “Jimmy sent me that photo on a chain. ‘Look at this fish’ and ‘Look at Jason catching a fish.’ And then I texted, did I not, I texted back and I said, ‘Jimmy, send me a picture of the guy who actually caught it.’” 

Arnett works alongside Jason Bateman and Sean Hayes on the SmartLess podcast. It is notably the sixth-ranked podcast in the world. 

Jason Bateman Describes the ‘SmartLess’ Podcast As ‘Insane’ 

Earlier this year, Ozark star Jason Bateman spoke to Jimmy Kimmel about the SmartLess podcast as well as the podcast’s tour. 

“It’s a really dumb idea,” Jason Bateman declared at the podcast’s tour. “The whole podcast itself is insane. I don’t know what we’re doing and then we kind of jokingly say well we should take this thing on the road you know. We’re going to go, but it’s just four idiots, well, three idiots and a respectable guest, having a conversation on a stage. People pay money to see singing, dancing, stand-up. It’s just us talking.” 

At the time, Jason Bateman told the talk show host that there will be cameras on the tour for a two-part documentary for Discovery+. The documentary will feature some behind-the-scenes footage of the tour. “I’m so afraid it’s going to turn into some cheesy Big Brother episode,” Bateman continued. “Where, you know, the cameras are catching us brushing our teeth in our hotel room. Sean waking up groggy and Will waking up without his wig on.”