‘Ozark’ Star Laura Linney Reveals Last Day on Set of Netflix Series Was ‘Very Sad’ For Her

by Taylor Cunningham

After four seasons, the Byrdes finally put their drug lord ways behind them when Netflix’s Ozark came to a close. But despite the family finally getting their happy ending (well, kind of), Laura Linney had a hard time leaving the series.

In an open letter, Wendy’s Linney penned her thoughts on working with the three-time Emmy-winning TV series over the years. And right off the bat, she admitted that her final day of filming was tough for her and her Ozark friends.

“The last day on set was very sad,” she wrote. “But it ended with the family all together, so that was great. It was an out-of-body experience. It’s like graduating from a college that you loved; you’ve all shared something together, you’ve all grown, you’ve all changed, you’re all off to different places, and then there’s the very real harsh understanding that this group of people will never be assembled again.”

Laura Linney Says the Cast of ‘Ozark’ ‘Instantly’ Knew They Would ‘Enjoy’ Working With Each Other

As she explained in the post, all of the actors “instantly” knew that they were going to enjoy working on the show. And the production crew also proved “over and over again” that they were going to treat everyone well.

“The most important thing was the quality of the work; that there was a respect and a generosity that was shared between everybody, the crew included,” remembered Linney.

During their time together, the Ozark team went through the pandemic, which is something that Laura Linney said is something they’ll likely never experience again. But despite most of Hollywood shutting down, they still managed to film 14 episodes. And doing that was a uniting event.

Linney also reminisced about watching her on-screen children grow over the seasons, which was bittersweet.

If you go back to Season 1, you’ll see how small Skylar [Gaertner] is,” she continued. “I mean, itty bitty, sweet little boy. The kids were so tiny.”

“Sophia [Hublitz] reads all the time, so I would see her reading,” added Linney. “And Skylar is incredibly creative and he makes these unbelievable things. He made birdhouses one year, he made pens made out of wood. And at the end, when we finished, he called me into his dressing room, and he had made an unbelievable miniature version of the Byrde House. It’s gorgeous.”

Now that Ozark has concluded, Laura Linney is certain that everyone will remain friends as they branch out to new projects. But that doesn’t mean that walking away from the show is any easier

“We’re all going to miss each other, but we’ll all be bonded, no doubt,” she wrote.

You can binge the entire Ozark story on Netflix now.