‘Pam and Tommy’ Star Lily James Has Her Sights Set on Janis Joplin for Future Role

by Sean Griffin

Lily James, who stars in Hulu series Pam & Tommy, recently talked to Variety. In the interview, she said that she “would love to play Janis Joplin in something.” She also adds that she’d “love to play a musician.”

Variety‘s Twitter page posted the interview snippet along with a picture of the actress.

Lily James’ role as Pamela Anderson in Pam & Tommy received critical acclaim. She just received an Emmy nomination for her work on the program. James was nominated for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Limited or Anthology Series or Movie. Her time on Pam & Tommy also garnered her nominations from the National Television Awards and the MTV Movie & TV Awards. She also earned a nomination from the Hollywood Critics Association TV Awards.

In a recent interview, James sat down with Variety. James was asked the following question.

“You had a huge transformation into this role. Do you see yourself doing a transformation like that ever again, and if so, who would you want to transform into next?”

“Oh, my God. I would love to play Janis Joplin in something,” the actress said. “I’d love to play a musician. I loved having so much to draw on and so much to aim for.”

She then goes on to talk about her creative process. “Sometimes you feel like the shooting in the dark in your imagination is just like floating around, but you’re creating something from scratch. And with this, that was such a guiding light. Playing Pamela was so inspiring. I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity.”

Lily James’ Interview with Variety Post-Emmy Nomination

The outlet continued interviewing the English star. Another question they posed was: “What was your reaction to seeing who you had been nominated alongside?”

“The initial thing was Sebastian and the fact that we both got a nomination just makes the whole thing feel incredibly special,” James said. “We worked so hard together and really supported each other through this and felt very bonded in the process and what we were trying to achieve.”

Variety asked one last question to Lily James. They said, “You were saying it was hard for you to hear that Pamela Anderson herself wasn’t going to be involved. How do you feel about that now, seeing the attention the show has received?”

“All I cared about was doing her justice and pouring myself into the story as a woman and as how I would feel under that circumstance,” James responded.

She then went on to clarify how she hopes her work stays true to their original creative vision for the project.

“I would hope that we’ve done that justice, but it was always hard for me that Pamela wasn’t involved, but I have to respect those boundaries and I trust in the intention within the show and every other creative involved. It felt deeply personal. Every single part of this was born out of a lot of rage. I’m so excited to hear that she’s doing a documentary and and whilst I’m sure I may never know exactly how she felt about the show, I do believe in what we wanted to achieve and perhaps have at least reached some people.”

You can read her entire interview with Variety here, along with interviews from other Emmy-nominated stars.