‘Pawn Stars’ Announces Major Road Trip: See If Rick Harrison and Company Are Coming to a City Near You

by Joe Rutland

If you have ever been wanting to meet Rick Harrison and his crew from Pawn Stars, then we have some news for you. Two words: road trip. That’s right, Rick and the guys are going to be coming to eight cities around the United States. West Coast, East Coast, and a couple of stops between there. Cities on the list include Seattle, Denver, San Francisco, Austin, Valley Forge, Pa., Washington, D.C., Winston-Salem, N.C., and Savannah, Ga.

Harrison made the announcement about this roadie on his store’s Facebook page. Pawn Stars follows the journey of people who come into Harrison’s Las Vegas shop with different things. They hope to see if Harrison and his crew will make a deal with them. Watching the back and forth when talking about different items is definitely fun.

Rick Harrison of ‘Pawn Stars’ Happened To Share His Love for Mexican Food

As for Harrison himself, he does love the attention. His Gold & Silver Pawn Shop gets a lot of recognition due to Pawn Stars. Of course, his home city of Las Vegas gets some notoriety. Like it doesn’t need anymore yet any publicity is good publicity, you know. Harrison, earlier this year, went out for some Mexican food in Sin City. He would give a shoutout on his Instagram account to Salud Mexican Bistro, calling it “Best Mexican food in Vegas.” When you visit there, then you can go check out the restaurant and see if it matches up with your taste buds, too.

In the list of cities for the upcoming road trip, we did mention Austin in there. Harrison, though, has been to Texas before for some paleontology training. He and Chumlee were all decked out in Archer City, Texas. Rick posted some pics of him on Instagram and wrote, “How do you like my outfit for paleontology training? @chumlee and I are looking for buried fossil treasure with @texasthroughtime. Our great Texas road trip continues!” As a native Texan, I can tell you that there are a lot of interesting places to visit. Harrison was not decked out in too much fancy wear for his training. It was a pretty standard T-shirt along with some shades. Oh, he was holding a small toy dinosaur in his hand as well.

Meanwhile, Harrison of Pawn Stars does like to hang out with some famous people. In fact, earlier this year Harrison met up with radio and podcast host Adam Carolla at a custom car shop. They probably swapped some stories about their own favorite cards when chatting. It’s quite a thing for these two well-known celebrities to come together and meet. Actually, Harrison drove from Las Vegas to California where he met up with Carolla and a friend.