‘Pawn Stars’: Rick Harrison Celebrates Son Jake’s High School Graduation

by Caitlin Berard

It’s officially graduation season, and Pawn Stars actor Rick Harrison is joining in the celebration. As a father of three, Rick Harrison has already attended his fair share of graduations. And this year, he attended another, as his youngest son Jake just graduated from high school.

In an Instagram post, Harrison shared his son’s achievement with the world. “Such a joyous weekend,” he wrote in the caption. “My youngest is a high school graduate and on his way to college in the fall. Congratulations Jake! Your hard work paid off. Today you are one step closer to a bright new future. I love you son.”

Rick Harrison Shares His Best Tips From ‘Pawn Stars’ Career

With over 30 years of experience behind the counter of a pawn shop and more than a decade on Pawn Stars, Rick Harrison knows what it takes to be successful in the pawn business. In an interview with blaze.tv, Harrison shared some of that knowledge with Pawn Stars fans.

“Like Darwinism, you evolve or you die,” Harrison said. “The volume of customers has just changed dramatically. Before I had the show I used to get about 100 customers a day, then that grew to more than a thousand customers a day. And now with Coronavirus, that number has changed significantly.”

In terms of negotiating, Rick Harrison says the most important thing to keep in mind is your personal limits. “Be willing to walk away!” Harrison explained. “If you’re not willing to walk away, the other person’s just dictating the price to you. You need to know when to walk away from the deal if it doesn’t feel right, even if you really want that item. Your business’s reputation is everything!”

Rick Harrison Describes Some of the Most Memorable Items He’s Seen

With his decades of experience in pawning, Rick Harrison has seen everything from the extraordinary to the downright strange. Two experiences in particular, however, stand out to him as some of the most bizarre of all.

“Okay well, this guy comes in the shop with three human skulls in a duffel bag,” Harrison recalled. “It turned out he went to dental school and they used to use real human skills, and he bought a bunch of them at an auction. I obviously couldn’t buy them, there’d be 10 cop cars in the parking lot.”

“Also, someone in the UK tried to sell me this coffin with an air pump on it,” he added. “They gave them to new mothers during World War II, and there was a pump to make sure the babies didn’t get gas.”

In addition to these macabre finds, Rick Harrison also has some truly incredible items in his possession. “I have a 12th-century stained glass window in my house, it’s from the UK,” Harrison said. “I also have an eighth-century Viking bracelet that was found in a Viking gourd in a field in England and I wear it all the time.”