‘Pawn Stars’: Rick Harrison Shares New Snap of the Gang in Action

by Taylor Cunningham

The guys of Pawn Stars are stepping out of their Las Vegas storefront and hitting the open road in search of rare treasures. And they’re asking fans like you for some help.

This summer, Rick Harrison, his son, Corey, and their friend Austin “Chumlee” Russell have been busy traveling the country for a spinoff series that will debut this fall. And this week, they’re making a special stop in Washington D.C. for a major event. On Instagram, frontman Harrison gave a shoutout to all his fans and explained how they can become a part of Pawn Stars’ history.

“We want to see your items!” he wrote on his personal page. “The boys and I fought for some good deals and took in some sights in the Valley Forge area. Now we’re on our way to the nation’s capital. We’re holding an event Aug 31st – Sept 2nd and we would love to see what you have. To get tickets, click the link in my bio.”

The ‘Pawn Stars’ Spinoff Will Pay Tribute to the Series’ Inspiration

This year, we’ll see the trio stop in Denver, Seattle, San Francisco, Austin, Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and Savannah in an attempt to “spice things up” as the original show heads into its 21st season.

As Chumlee told The Las Vegas Review-Journal, they are using the spinoff as a way of paying tribute to Pawn Stars’ inspiration, Antiques Roadshow. The guys worked out a way to perfectly blend their Gold & Silver Pawn adventures with the BBC production.

“It really is different because we’re out there hitting the pavement,” he told the publication. “And people are bringing in their treasures and seeing what we’ll offer them. And that’s the difference. Antiques Roadshow just tells you the estimated value of an item. They’re giving you these super-high inflated values that you might get at an auction.”

“We tell you what we can pay for it, knowing that we need to sell it,” Chumlee continued. “So obviously, we’ve got to make a profit. That’s the business we’re in.”

The idea comes as the show heads into its milestone 600th episode. The History Channel hit has been holding strong for over a decade, but the stars don’t want it to get stagnant. So they came up with the traveling spinoff to keep people hooked with new content. Currently, the series is only planned as a one-season special. However, if fans take to it, the spinoff could become a permanent series.

“We like to make sure that we’re doing whatever we can to keep people interested in the show, you know?” the Pawn Stars host added. “We’ve been at this a long time. We like to spice things up.”