PHOTO: Matthew Perry Goes Full Chandler Bing, Recreates Iconic ‘Friends’ Moment

by Caitlin Berard

For 10 years, Matthew Perry played endlessly sarcastic Chandler Bing on the beloved 90s sitcom Friends. And though it’s been decades since the finale, the co-stars remain close to this day and will always be known as the tight-knit group of quirky New Yorkers.

It’s no surprise, then, that when Matthew Perry posted a picture of himself and some friends on vacation in Las Vegas, fans were immediately reminded of the two-part Season 5 episode “The One in Vegas.” In the episode, Monica and Chandler debate tying the knot then and there rather than waiting for Monica’s dream wedding.

“Vegas with old friends this weekend,” Perry wrote in the caption. “This photo was taken minutes before we went downstairs and lost every dime any of us have ever earned.”

“You should have taken Monica along,” one fan replied. “Don’t marry them” another joked. “The one where Chandler lost his money,” added a third.

Matthew Perry Once Opened Up About His Struggles on ‘Friends’

Matthew Perry made his first TV appearance back in 1979. His big break, however, didn’t come until 1994, when he earned the role of Chandler Bing on what would become one of the most popular shows in television history.

At just 25 years old, Matthew Perry’s career was on a trajectory toward incredible heights. But it wasn’t long before the Friends star began to struggle with drugs and alcohol behind the scenes. An unfortunate jet ski accident in 1997 led to a Vicodin addiction, which eventually led to alcoholism.

“When [fame] happens, it’s kind of like Disneyland for a while,” Perry shared in a 2002 interview with The New York Times. “For me, it lasted about eight months. This feeling of ‘I’ve made it, I’m thrilled, there’s no problem in the world.'”

“And then you realize that it doesn’t accomplish anything,” he continued. “It’s certainly not filling any holes in your life. I didn’t get sober because I felt like it. I got sober because I was worried I was going to die the next day.”

For Matthew Perry, Chandler wasn’t just a character, he was a reflection of the Friends star’s real-life experiences. “It’s no accident that Chandler is a guy trying to deter his own human emotional feelings with laughter,” Perry explained. “That’s what I did for years. I’ve tried to palm myself off as being a jokester, like hanging out with me is kind of like a vacation. But that could only take me so far.”

“I had this odd rule that I would never drink on a set,” Perry said. “But I went to work in extreme cases of hangover. It’s so horrible to feel that way and have to work and be funny on top of that.”