‘Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Reveals Major Money-Saving Tips for Grocery Shopping

by Suzanne Halliburton

Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond is dropping some useful hints on how to save cash at the grocery store. She gleaned the tips while hosting a new cooking show.

Drummond, briefly, is switching from Pioneer Woman to Big Bad Budget Battle. It’s a six-episode cooking competition that premiered Tuesday on the Food Network. You can also catch the episodes on Discovery+.

Here’s what the show is about: Three at-home cooks, using non-fancy, affordable items, will fix up some tasty meals. According to the show’s description, each of the three cooks receives a small amount of money to buy ingredients at Flavortown Market. (That’s the grocery store maintained for Guy Fieri’s Guy’s Grocery Games. Fieri is an EP on the Big Bad Budget Battle).

Pioneer Woman Drops Shopping Knowledge to Help with the Budget

Drummond said she learned some really good tips from the three competitors. And this all fits the non-complicated Pioneer Woman vibe. She talked about the tips in an interview with USA Today.

Here’s the first tip. If you can, buy frozen vegetables.

“There are so many times that you can use frozen veggies,” says the Pioneer Woman. “You can save so much money by replacing you know what you might buy in the produce section with frozen. And the quality is just barely noticeable when you’re making a soup or stew or casserole.”

And we should add that in this harshest of summers, you also can cool off while shopping the frozen veggie fridge cases. That’s a double win. And Drummond promised that no one is going to notice whether the vegetables were frozen or fresh by the time you cook and serve a meal.

Check Out Butcher Specials, Then Head Back to the Freezer Section

Now, for the second tip. Get to know all parts of the butcher section. Drummond said you pay the most for the protein part of the meal. So check out the butcher specials and be willing to adapt.

“I love going to the meat counter the meat department and finding the deal,” says the Pioneer Woman. And at this point in her interview, she said to check out the chicken thighs and not the more expensive breasts.

“The number of things you can make with chicken thighs is just endless,” she says, “from casseroles to stir fry.” Plus, if you buy more of the thighs or ribs, just take what you need out of the package and freeze the rest.

And for the third tip, let’s go back to the cooler part of the store.

“I love things like frozen bread dough, for instance,” she says, noting it is sold in loaves and can be let to rise by the home chef. 

And she added that one frozen loaf can feed a lot of folks. How? You “can turn into a huge pizza crust, it can turn into small calzones — you can make so many things with frozen bread dough,” Drummond said. “And if you bought bakery-fresh bread you might spend more money.”