‘Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Teaming Up With Guy Fieri for New Show

by Sean Griffin

Ree Drummond of The Pioneer Woman fame announced some big news. She teams up with Guy Fieri in a new competitive cooking show called Big Bad Budget Battle. Guy Fieri produces the series that premieres August 9, 2022 on the Food Network. It premieres for same-day streaming on Discovery+.

The show features contestants working with tight budgets to produces delicious meals. Drummond gets to team up with the Fieri, another popular chef. However, Fieri joins in an off-screen capacity.

The show’s description avoids listing him as a judge or contestant. His role should involve completely off-camera work. However, that remains to be seen. We know Ree Drummond joins as the show’s host. She hosts each of the six episodes. Furthermore, each episode features three amateur cooks creating gourmet dishes with minimal funds.

“As a home cook myself,” Drummond said, “I’m impressed by their resourcefulness and ingenuity as they plan, shop and prepare their incredible dishes.”

However, fans of The Pioneer Woman shouldn’t fret. The Pioneer Woman shows no signs of slowing down. It recently concluded its remarkable 32nd season. For over a decade, Drummond crafted a lucrative personality that launched her media empire. Drummond’s success first began in blogging, where she was recognized by Forbes and at “The Bloggies.”

Her blog’s success launched her Food Network show The Pioneer Woman. Her show features Drummond cooking for her family and friends, mainly at her ranch in Pawhuska, Oklahoma. Firstly, she’s appeared on numerous programs like Good Morning AmericaToday ShowThe View. Secondly, she also appeared on The Chew and The Bonnie Hunt Show. She features frequently in Ladies’ Home JournalWoman’s DayPeople and Southern Living.

Ree Drummond’s New Show

Ree Drummond authored dozens of books, ranging from cookbooks to children’s books. Additionally, she launched a “homey lifestyle” product line under her signature brand name.

The winner of Big Bad Budget Battle receives a trophy and one year’s worth of groceries. Also, judges on the show include Darnell Ferguson, Eddie Jackson, Beau MacMillan. Additional judges include Catherine McCord, Damaris Phillips and Justin Warner.

Variety magazine obtained a statement from Jane Latman. Jane Latman serves as President, Home and Food Content and Streamnig at Warner Bros. Discovery. In the statement, she talks about why the new series should be a hit. For example, she lists Drummond’s sense of humor.

“Each week fans tune in to see what Ree is cooking up on The Pioneer Woman,” she said. “They love her warmth, down-to-earth style, easy relatability and wry sense of humor that makes everyone want to pull up a chair in her kitchen.”

Next, Latman spoke about the show’s concept. For example, she talks about how budgeting applies to all modern consumers.

“These same qualities make her the perfect host to oversee this fast-paced culinary competition that takes a page from real-world conundrums,” she says. Then, she lists “grocery shopping on a budget and finding cost effective ingredients to make incredible meals” as examples. 

She continues. She calls the show “action-packed and full of tips and takeaways for viewers to incorporate at home.”

Recently, Dee shared photos from her family’s Fourth of July weekend in Oklahoma.