Reba McEntire to Star in New Lifetime Movie With Her Boyfriend Rex Linn

by Samantha Whidden

Reba McEntire announced she is teaming up with her boyfriend Rex Linn and former “Reba” co-star Melissa Peterman in a new Lifetime movie, “The Hammer.”

Deadline reports that Reba McEntire will play the role of Kim Wheeler, who is described as an “outspoken, firecracker lawyer” who was appointed judge of the 5th District of Nevada. She is also known as one of the few traveling judges left in America. After the former judge passed away under suspicious circumstances, Kind covers a circuit that stretches between Las Vegas and Reno. While the investigation of the former judge’s death continues, Kim’s sister Kris (Peterman), who runs a local brothel, becomes the prime suspect. 

Reba McEntire’s boyfriend will play the role of Bart Crawford, a mysterious cowboy with unknown motives.  According to Taste of Country, Reba McEntire previously teased the upcoming movie project and sought to get Linn involved. “We’re trying, I’m trying to get him on this. We’re supposed to see the script the first of April. So, when we get the script, oh yeah, we’d love to work together. We’ve been trying to work together ever since we got together two years ago.”

Reba McEntire is notably co-producing the new movie. Filming begins this month. Along with this project, McEntire is opening a restaurant, Reba’s Place, in Oklahoma. She will also be appearing in the third season of ABC’s hit series, “Big Sky.”

Reba McEntire Opens Up About Her Two-Year Relationship With Rex Linn

Earlier this spring, Reba McEntire spoke to Taste of Country about her relationship with Rex Linn. The couple started dating two years ago during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. The country music hitmaker recalled having dinner together once and then being unable to see each other due to the pandemic shutdowns. 

Instead of having in-person dates, they started “coffee camp,” which is a daily morning coffee date. They do this over the phone, Zoom, or at one of their houses. McEntire states that “coffee camp” is still a daily occurrence for her and Linn. 

“We’ve not missed a morning,” McEntire revealed. “I don’t care if I’m doing ‘Good Morning America’ while I’m in Nashville, so I have to get up at, like, 5, and he’s out here in L.A., so he’s at 3 o’clock [AM]. We have not missed a morning.”

McEntire further points out that they didn’t miss “coffee camp” while Linn was having oral surgery either. “We had to wait ’til he got back home, and I made coffee, and we sat on the couch, watched television, had coffee camp.”

Meanwhile, Reba McEntire stated that she couldn’t wait to travel with Linn following the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions. “I love to travel. I love to go home, and I love to travel. So I’m pretty much a happy camper wherever I go. And Rex and I are really looking forward to going and seeing more of the world together.”