Richard Roat, ‘Seinfeld’ and ‘Friends’ Star, Dead at 89

by Tia Bailey

Seinfeld and The Doctors star passed away earlier this month. It was recently revealed that the actor died on August 5.

Roat died in Orange County, California. No other details were released pertaining to his death.

His obituary in the LA Times reads: “Richard Roat, the most supportive friend a person in the entertainment industry could ever have, passed away suddenly.”

Roat had over 135 roles on TV, including the professor who busts Ross Gellar for dating a student in Friends, series regular Dr. Jerry Chandler on The Doctors, two episodes of Golden Girls, and many more. Although some of his roles were guest appearances, he was an easily recognizable actor with a ton of great, rememberable roles.

According to his obituary, “In addition to his distinguished career as an actor, Richard had a successful practice as an entertainment tax preparer for over 50 years.” It said that he loved music, playing the violin, “provocative conversation,” literary, movies, and good whiskey.

In addition to this, he was a huge Angels fan, and it notes that he would be happy they won on the Friday in which he passed.

“His greatest love was his family, with whom he shared his incredible sense of humor, intelligence, and unmatched zest for life. Richard was fortunate to marry the love of his life, his true soulmate, Kathy. They had recently celebrated their fortieth wedding anniversary. Their life together was a magical journey of travel, fun, laughter, and love. It was truly ‘An Affair to Remember,'” says his obituary.

Roat was 89 years old when he passed.

Actor Richard Roat Passes Away Early August

Other roles of the late actor include an episode of Cheers, and a recurring role on Days of Our Lives. He played Professor Henry Moore on 12 episodes of the soap opera.

Another iconic role of his was in Seinfeld, in which he played a doctor who found Elaine Benes (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) to be “particularly difficult.”

Fans loved his roles, big and small. His Friends role in particular, although small and possibly made to be the bad guy, was a fan-favorite. Many fans of the show find Ross Gellar to be “creepy,” especially when he dates one of his former students. So when Roat’s character busted him, fans were on Roat’s side cheering his character on. Fans still talk about the moment.

One Twitter user wrote: “ross geller really dated a student that was 13 years younger and thought it was okay huh.”

Roat was a great actor, and the roles he was cast in only made people love him more.

His wife Kathy was his wife of 40 years. His obituary calls the couple “true soulmates.” Fans wish her well following his death.