‘Roseanne’: One Scene Has Longtime Fans Convinced the Show Is a Prequel to ‘Breaking Bad’

by Craig Garrett
(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

A recently resurfaced clip from Roseanne has fans theorizing that the classic tv sitcom is a prequel to Breaking Bad. Back in 2009, Bob Odenkirk debuted as the slimy lawyer Saul Goodman in season two of Breaking Bad. He later reprised that role for six seasons of the prequel series Better Call Saul. The series, which ended earlier this year, was met with great critical acclaim.

The prequel series Better Call Saul reveals that before Jimmy McGill relocated and became an attorney in Albuquerque, he lived in Cicero, Illinois. The show also emphasizes how when younger, Saul was called “Slippin’ Jimmy” because of all the scams he pulled.

Some fans are now saying that the very first appearance of Jimmy McGill/Saul Goodman was actually in a 1993 episode of Roseanne. In this particular episode, Odenkirk made a cameo appearance as someone who bared a striking resemblance to his character on Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. The scene in question was shared on YouTube by the user AsturiasFamilyVideos. The clip already has amassed over a million views from curious fans.

In the scene, Odenkirk is seen having a meal in the diner run by Nancy (Sandra Bernhard) and her family. He has the familiar Saul Goodman hairstyle and he’s wearing a suit, so he certainly looks like the character. Upon seeing him, Nancy presumes he is the health inspector and proceeds to flirt with him before offering a bribe. Odenkirk confesses that he actually is the health inspector, though accepts her money anyways while letting them know they’ve “passed” the inspection.

A crazy detail in the scene supports the Breaking Bad prequel idea

This might seem like a pure coincidence. However, there’s a kicker that solidifies the fan theory. As Odenkirk’s character is exiting the diner, Dan (John Goodman) casually asks him a question. “Hey, Jim, how’s the shoe business treating you?” So not only is it revealed that Odenkirk’s character running a scam for a free meal, but he also shares the name of Odenkirk’s character in Better Call Saul!

It’s a strange coincidence that the character shares the same first name as Better Call Saul‘s Jimmy McGill. While Jimmy never mentioned working in the shoe business, it’s possible he could have. Who knows, maybe he ran an entirely different scam on Dan at some point. The Conners’ hometown of Lanford is fictional, however, it has been said to be situated west of Chicago. If this is true, then Cicero (where Jimmy McGill resides) could also be nearby. Therefore, there’s a chance that the future lawyer would occasionally drop by while he was in the area.

However, other fans believe there’s a flaw in this theory. Better Call Saul star Rhea Seehorn had a guest spot on the Roseanne revival. Before being killed off and rebranded as The Conners, Roseanne was revived with an all-new season on CBS in 2018 featuring Roseanne Barr. That season also happened to feature Seehorn playing an animal shelter worker named Carrie. However, this creates a problem because Seehorn also plays Kim Wexler, the love of Jimmy McGill’s life, in Better Call Saul.

However, Better Call Saul is a prequel to Breaking Bad. Plus, the events of Breaking Bad wrapped well before the 2018 Roseanne episode. Who’s to say Kim didn’t start a new life as an animal shelter worker?