‘Running Wild’: Bear Grylls Previews New Season Premiere Featuring Natalie Portman

by Tia Bailey

“Running Wild” with Bear Grylls has a new episode out tonight, and the adventurer teased the episode on Instagram.

The show, in which Grylls takes celebrities on intense 48 hour journeys, heads into season 7 tonight. The season is kicking off with actress Natalie Portman. Grylls shared a 45-second teaser clip to Instagram this morning. The video showed soft-spoken Portman driving to Grylls in the Escalante Desert, explaining that she is “like a grandma” behind the wheel. She is also shown mountain climbing, hanging onto a ladder out of a helicopter, and stating that it would be cool to see a lion. The episode will show the fearless “Thor: Love and Thunder” actress take on things she has never done before, and it looks like she was up for the challenge.

The post was captioned: “So proud to be starting another epic season of Running Wild tonight across America 9/8c! And tonight’s premiere is a special one with the indomitable @natalieportman – see Natalie as you have NEVER seen her before. What a trooper! Thank you @natgeotv for your faith and trust in what we do and all we stand for. #adventure @banijaygroup @thenaturalstudios #nevergiveup #runningwild #hollywood.”

Natalie Portman will not be the last Marvel star to join Grylls this season of “Running Wild.” Episode 2 he will be joined by “Shang Chi” star Simu Liu, and Episode 4 will feature “Black Widow”‘s Florence Pugh.

“Running Wild” Returns for Season 7

“Running Wild” began pack in 2014, kicking off the series with Zac Efron as they parachuted in New York’s Catskill Mountains. The show has been well-received by audiences. However, it does have a different vibe from Grylls past show, “Man vs. Wild.”

In an exclusive interview with Outsider’s Jon D. B., Grylls talks about being a into conservation. “In the old days, we definitely used to be hunting out the bigger game and bigger things. But more and more so, [especially with] ‘Running Wild,’ I kind of shy away from that. I think the world moves on. And with my conservation hat on now, I don’t want to be killing big things for meat and game unless my life is really on the line,” Grylls told Outsider. He stated that they now avoid big animal encounters, opting instead for “foraging for the bounty nature provides.”

Grylls shared his concern for the planet, saying “As far as I can see it, it’s not even a debate. If you love something, you do all you can to protect it while it’s hurting.”

Viewers can catch up on seasons 5 and 6 available to stream now on Disney+, with stars such as Rainn Wilson and Anthony Mackie. Season 7 of “Running Wild” premieres tonight on National Geographic.