Ryan Fellows, ‘Street Outlaws: Fastest in America’ Star, Killed in Car Accident Filming Show

by Caitlin Berard

Street Outlaws: Fastest in America star Ryan Fellows died in a car accident early Sunday morning at the age of 41. As reported by TMZ, a source connected to the show revealed that the crash happened while filming the series outside of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Ryan Fellows was racing another driver in the 8th out of 9 scheduled races when he lost control near the finish line. The vehicle rolled and then caught fire. Sadly, bystanders were unable to remove Ryan from the car in time to save him.

“The Street Outlaws family is heartbroken by the accident that led to the tragic death of Ryan Fellows,” a spokesperson for Discovery said. “We extend our deepest sympathy to Ryan’s loved ones as they process this sudden and devastating loss.”

In an effort to assist the family with funeral costs, Brad Sparks created a GoFundMe page. “Ryan was an avid car enthusiast,” Sparks wrote. “[He] was a road ‘warrior’ in many ways that extended to loves of basketball, cars and business in sales/advertising. He was admired for tenacity and a relentless drive to overcome the challenges before him.”

“The only thing he loved more than these efforts and achievements were his family-his wife Liz , children Josiah (18) and Olivia (10). The family will need help with the next steps of grief and living life after losing the heart and soul of their beautiful family.”

Wife of ‘Street Outlaws’ Star Hospitalized Following Horrific Wreck

The stars of Street Outlaws are professional drivers. The very nature of street racing, however, means the series’ stars put themselves in danger while filming every episode. And the tragic car accident that caused the death of Ryan Fellows wasn’t the only wreck on set this year alone.

Back in January, Street Outlaws star JJ Da Boss (Jonathan Day) crashed his car while filming with his wife Tricia. The couple were driving separate cars for Street Outlaws: America’s List when the unthinkable occurred. Both JJ and Tricia were involved in an accident that resulted in a hospital stay.

According to an inside source, “JJ caught fire, crossed center, hit Tricia, and rolled,” they wrote in the comments of a recap video. “Tricia was sent into three minivan rental cars that were protecting light towers/camera equipment. As of 7:00 p.m. Texas time they are both in the hospital in stable condition. I am unsure of the extent of the injuries at this time.”

After months of recovering from the crash, Tricia finally gave fans an update. In a video posted to Facebook, the Street Outlaws star explained that she was in a wheelchair “temporarily” due to loss of mobility from the crash.

Despite the terrifying crash, the Street Outlaws couple don’t seem to have lost their taste for speed. Both JJ and Tricia have since gradually returned to racing.