Ryan Seacrest and Ali Wentworth Have Shocking Conversation on Show Before Cutting To Break

by Samantha Whidden

Not one to show that he’s embarrassed that easily, Live With Kelly and Ryan star Ryan Seacrest and guest co-host Ali Wentworth had a shocking conversation while on stage before quickly cutting to a commercial break.

Newsweek reports that on Wednesday (August 24th), Wentworth made Ryan Seacrest blush when she disclosed that the TV talk show host was her “hall pass.” This left Seacrest and the audience gasping in shock. The conversation happened just as Wentworth discussed her recent fishing trip. Seacrest stated that he didn’t know much about sea life. He even said that he thought he had spotted a stingray in New York Bay. 

“I was marine shamed here because I thought I saw a sting ray in the bay,” Seacrest joked. “But turns out it was a big crab.” When asked by Wentworth why a sting ray would be in the bay, Seacrest explained, “Because the ocean and the bay are connected by water, there’s no barrier you know.”

Wentworth, who is married to Good Morning America anchor George Stephanopoulos, joked that there wasn’t an IQ test to be a host of morning television. She then tried to explain why sting rays were unlikely to be found in the bay. However, Seacrest just didn’t understand. “But the sharks are migrating up here too. Read the news, Ali.”

She then jokingly made her confession to Ryan Seacrest. “That was because of my IQ comment, right? Listen, no, but I love you; you’re my hall pass.”

 As the audience went wild, Ryan Seacrest blushed and replied, “Let’s go to break now.” 

Ryan Seacrest Recently Opened Up About His ‘American Idol’ Season Finale Wardrobe Malfunction 

Earlier this month, Ryan Seacrest opened up about the pretty embarrassing wardrobe malfunction he experienced during the 20th season finale of American Idol earlier the year. 

“It was in the middle of a live show,” Ryan Seacrest explained to her Live With Kelly and Ryan co-host, Kelly Ripa. “The show starts live and [we] go to a commercial and they go, ‘Uh… Can I tell you something? We need to change your underwear.’”

Ryan Seacrest then explained the entire process. “We go backstage during the commercial and find a little corner and I’m literally taking off my pants, off my underwear, and putting [his stylist’s underwear] on. It was the first for me for a live show. Anything for [American Idol]. It’s a family show.”

The talk show host recalled that his stylist was quick to help him out. “There was anatomy in the shot. I said, ‘Miles, I didn’t bring any extra underwear.’ He says, ‘Don’t worry. I’ve got mine.’”

Although it was a quick fix, Ryan Seacrest went on to add there was some issues. “He’s English. So he has shorter, tighter [underwear]. They were tight, elastic underwear!”