Ryan Seacrest Congratulates ‘American Idol’s Season 20 Champ Noah Thompson

by Samantha Whidden

After the exciting conclusion of “American Idol’s” season 20, long-time host of the show, Ryan Seacrest took to his social media accounts to congratulate the season’s winner, Noah Thompson. 

“Introducing the winner of the 20th season of ‘American Idol,’ Ryan Seacrest declared. “Congrats, Noah Thompson. This is only the beginning!”

During the epic season 20 finale of “American Idol,” Ryan Seacrest introduced the finalists of the season, Noah Thompson, HunterGirl, and Leah Marlene on the stage before the three performed their final numbers. Marlene was eliminated early on in the finale, leaving HunterGirl and Thompson battling for the winning spot. Thompson was dubbed the winner at the end of the evening. 

Following the “American Idol” season finale, Noah Thompson spoke to “Good Morning America” about being the winner. “I was just kind of just shocked, you know? Truthfully, I came into the competition not even thinking I would get a golden ticket, so to hear my name at the end, that was amazing.”

Ryan Seacrest Reflects on ‘American Idol’s’ Success Over the Years

In a February 2022 letter to The Hollywood Reporter, Ryan Seacrest spoke about “American Idol” and the show’s popularity over the years. “The first season stands out to me because we went on the air unknown,” Seacrest recalled. “About midway through the season, it started to generate relatively large numbers in primetime. We were taken aback by the machine that it was becoming and the success; it was all so known – even to us.”

Ryan Seacrest further spoke about how “American Idol” and its impact on the music culture. “I get to play songs on the radio, and there was a time when maybe music directors or program directors thought, ‘Oh, this is a novelty act. This is a novelty song coming from a television show, who knows if this is really a star?’ I think there was a time when you weren’t truly accepted if you won a television competition in the music world. But that has changed.”

Ryan Seacrest did note that he understands that “American Idol” has lost some of the audience. However, the host said he feels the show has a home somewhere. “As long as people want to produce it and make it – as long as people want to audition for it. I don’t think there’s any shortage of young talent every year that’s looking for a big break. Who just don’t know how to get to an audition in Hollywood or Nashville or Austin or New York. That will never run out.”

Seacrest also went on to add that he thinks “American Idol” and its format has the opportunity to live for generations to come.