Ryan Seacrest Has the Internet Going Nuts Over ‘Schoolboy Short Shorts’ He Wore on ‘Live With Kelly and Ryan’

by Megan Molseed

Ryan Seacrest shocked TV viewers as he went with an interesting wardrobe choice after suffering a major wardrobe malfunction during a recent Live With Kelly And Ryan episode.

It was just one day after suffering a wardrobe malfunction on the popular morning TV talk show that Ryan Seacrest surprised fans as he hit the stage wearing short schoolboy shorts. As Ryan Seacrest takes the stage and heads towards his seat at the table, he made sure to show off his brave new look to the audience. This look features Seacrest in pair of very short dress shorts, a dark-colored dress shirt, and a suit jacket.


Fans Cheer Ryan Seacrest’s Unique Summer Suit

As Ryan Seacrest shows off his unique summer dress suit, members of the Live With Kelly and Ryan audience “woo” and cheer the host’s new look. Then, Ryan’s temporary cohost, Ali Wentworth, says that the cameraman needs to get a full view of the outfit. And, this cameraman looks “surprised” Seacrest quips.

“To celebrate Ali Wentworth here, I’m in my summer suit,” Ryan Seacrest tells the audience. And, the actress and comedian says that she loves the look.

“Thank you,” the guest cohost tells Seacrest.

“I love this,” she tells him, noting that he looks very “dapper”. Wentworth adds that she would love to see her husband, George Stephanopoulos, try an outfit like this one.

Live With Kelly And Ryan Fans Aren’t Sure About The Host’s New Look

As he shows off the cool new summer suit, Ryan Seacrest notes that designers are making more and more suits like this one for one simple reason. “The planet is warming,” Seacrest says. And, he notes that it’s “so hot outside.”

“I read an article that shorts are the new skirt,” the host adds. “And so skirts are out and shorts are in for everybody.”

However, some fans weren’t feeling this trendy new look Seacrest was sporting. As the show wrapped up, the hosts looked over messages they received during the live show, many commenting on Seacrest’s short pantsuit. One even noted that the style isn’t up to Seacrest’s “standards.”

“Ryan, you are one handsome man,” the fan says.

“But that short pantsuit outfit is not up to your standards,” the comment continues. “Did you lose a bet or is that to get back at the ‘ankle haters’?”

Ali looks shocked by the comment…but Seacrest just lets out a laugh, noting that his cohost says he looked handsome.

“Your ankles are bad enough with long pants and socks,” another viewer writes.

“Now it looks like you’re 10 and in Bermuda,” the comment reads. However, Seacrest did not miss a beat as he says his dream includes heading to Bermuda. The negative comments weren’t the only ones made after the Live host premiered his new style.

One fan writes that these comments are “cruel and all lies,” noting that the host looked “sexier than ever” in the suit.

“Great ankles, sexy legs and with co-host Allie,” the commenter says, noting that they are “all the rave”. Another fan compliments Seacrest for his “schoolboy realness” with the “cute outfit.”