Ryan Seacrest Nails Joke About Kelly Ripa’s Week-Long Absence From ‘Live!’

by Megan Molseed

Ryan Seacrest can’t resist a good joke. And he didn’t miss an opportunity earlier this week when he cracked a joke about his cohost’s absences from the popular morning TV talk show.

Live! With Kelly and Ryan hosts Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest spend much of their popular morning talk show joking around and doing some good-natured ribbing. So, Seacrest certainly couldn’t miss the opportunity to give Ripa some grief over her week-long absence from her Live! seat when guest Katie Lowes came by for an appearance.

We All Miss Kelly Ripa As She Takes A Break From Her Live! Duties

When Scandal star Katie Lowes stepped onto the Live! set recently, she was showing off some custom pillows with embroidered names on them. During the segment, Lowes showed off one pillow for Kelly and teased “Kelly we miss you.”

Lowes then added that she got her a “Consuelos one.” Ryan, of course, couldn’t miss this opportunity to joke about the rumor’s surrounding the cohost’s lengthy absence noting “I heard she won the lottery.” A hilarious play on how rumors swirl around news like this. The Live host then adds “she’s fine.”

Kelly Ripa And Ryan Seacrest Are Known For Their Fun On-Air Energy

This hilariously snarky came during the August 9 episode of Live! With Kelly and Ryan, per a report in The Sun. Their chemistry is one of those magical partnerships that viewers love to see on shows such as Live! A good-natured dynamic that makes us all want to tune in each day.

“They get along famously,” a source once told E! News of the morning show cohosts.

“Ryan and Kelly have the same work ethic and values,” the source adds. “That’s why it works so well.”

Kelly Ripa And Husband Mark Consuelos Enjoy A Kid-Free Vacation

This recent absence comes just weeks after Kelly Ripa and her longtime husband and former costar Mark Consuelos took a much-needed kid-free vacation in July.

“This is our first vacation in 25 years without children and parents,” Kelly Ripa said of the trip.

“It’s usually us, with the kids,” the host continues. “Or … kit and caboodle.” Ripa does joke that she and her husband had a brief moment of confusion as they wondered what they would do without their kids tagging along on their vacation.

However, this was only a brief concern and the couple quickly found that they could certainly vacation without their entire brood tagging along. But, Ripa notes, the kids weren’t so sure.

“The kids were like, ‘What are you going to do without us!? We’re your whole lives!’” Ripa quips during a recent episode of Live! “And I was like, ‘Wrong again, kids.’”