Ryan Seacrest Quickly Fixes Wardrobe Malfunction on ‘Live With Kelly and Ryan’

by Sean Griffin

Ryan Seacrest had yet another wardrobe malfunction! A few weeks ago the star recently recently shared a hilarious wardrobe malfunction video to his Instagram.

This came after he also suffered another one months ago during the finale of American Idol‘s 20th season.

And guess what? The iconic host is back at it again—this time on the set of his talk show Live With Kelly and Ryan.

In a video from the show’s Instagram page, Seacrest sits next to Carson Kressley, the show’s co-host. The two come parading out to music as the live audience claps.

Then, Seacrest realized his mistake. At the tail end of the clip, you can see the star look down at his fly to adjust it. After the video ends, Seacrest remarked about the situation to his guest host.

“By the way, my fly is down,” Ryan Seacrest said to the show’s audience at the Tuesday, August 2 taping. He reached down and adjusted his suit pants to zip up the fly. He wore a tasteful navy suit with a light blue pinstripe shirt.

Guest host Carson Kressley, the Queer Eye alum, made a humorous remark. “What? I guess you’re just happy to see me!” the Kressley, 52, joked. Kressley fills in for Seacrest’s normal co-host Kelly Ripa, who has been out since Monday, August 1.

The American Idol host blamed his mistake on Kressley’s suave fashion taste.

“I just threw this on at the last minute because I saw what you were wearing,” Seacrest said. “I had to make a quick change.” The audience definitely appreciated Ryan Seacrest’s quick transitions. However, maybe Seacrest will pay more attention to his wardrobe before stepping on the stage next time.

Ryan Seacrest’s Previous Wardrobe Mishaps

Recently, Seacrest was forced to change his underwear—yes, underwear—during a taping of the live show.

Seacrest revealed he changed his underwear during the live finale of American Idol and he was forced to wear another man’s underwear. 

That following Monday on his daytime talk show Live With Kelly and Ryan, the host explained shared the full situation. “Apparently, America voted and saw there was anatomy in the shot. There was just panic about it, and we changed it.”

Seacrest explained that he had no idea what was going on until his stylist, Miles Siggins, told him about it during a commercial break. “The show starts live and [we] go to a commercial and they go, ‘Uh… Can I tell you something? We need to change your underwear.’”

The American Idol host then explained what happened next . “There was anatomy in the shot. I said, ‘Miles, I didn’t bring any extra underwear.’ He says, ‘Don’t worry. I’ve got mine.’”

Then, Seacrest and his stylist went backstage and made the switch. However, the host realized that his British stylist wore a type of underwear Seacrest wasn’t used to. “He’s English. So he has shorter, tighter ones. They were tight, elastic underwear!”

Seacrest then added, “It was the first for me for a live show. Anything for the show. It’s a family show. Thank you, Miles!”