Scott Bakula Ranch Series ‘Unbroken’ Halted

by Blake Ells

A new Scott Bakula ranch show was set to debut at NBC. News of the series broke as recently as April. But NBC has pulled the plug on the project, and it’ll need another network if it’s going to continue. That’s according to a report from TVLine.

Unbroken is a creation of Scott Cassidy, who created shows like Blue Bloods and New Amsterdam. It is the tale of “Ash Holleran,” to be portrayed by Bakula, and his efforts to preserve his family’s ranch. The series was also set to star Anna Wood, Amanda Payton, Delon de Metz and Olunike Adeliyi.

The synopsis of the show read: “three dynamic ranch families on the central coast of California that make love and war in a passionate struggle to survive, ultimately setting the stage for a group of fiercely determined young women to win big for all at the National Championship of Rodeo.”

Networks are trying to capitalize on the popularity of Yellowstone. Josh Brolin had to address accusations that his own Outer Range was ripping off the show earlier this year. The show take a science fiction approach to the Western genre, and they’re really not very similar. But their timing and themes will always have them connected. Perhaps NBC didn’t want to live in the same shadow.

Scott Bakula Reboot Still Moving Forward

The reboot of Scott Bakula’s classic series Quantum Leap is still full speed ahead, though. The series stars Raymond Lee (Kevin Can **** Himself). In the series, “a new team has been assembled to restart the project in the hopes of understanding the mysteries behind the machine and the man who created it.” It debuts on Monday, September 19 at 10 p.m. ET. It’s after The Voice.

Another interesting NBC reboot series is Magnum PI. NBC saved the series after CBS canceled it earlier this year. Filming for the show won’t begin until later this year, suggesting that the show won’t air until at least January. But coupling the series with the new Quantum Leap could be interesting.

Magnum PI survived for four seasons at CBS. The new deal at NBC will apparently give it at least two more seasons. But will things change at the new network? Matt Roush from TV Insider doesn’t seem to think so.

“As for cast and tone, I’m not NBC or NBCUniversal has any intention of fixing what wasn’t broke.”

Another series that NBC had intentions of bringing into the fold was Blank Slate. That one is also no more. The show was about a “law enforcement legend who doesn’t actually exist.” But then a man “claiming to be Alexander McCoy walks through the door with all of his skills and knowledge, but with an agenda nobody will see coming.” There’s no news on if another network may step in to save that one, either.