‘SEAL Team’ Star AJ Buckley Is ‘Ready for the Weekend’ With an Ice Cold Beer and His Pickup

by Joe Rutland

It might not be Friday just yet, but don’t tell SEAL Team star AJ Buckley because he’s already just ready for the weekend to be here. What’s a better way to celebrate the upcoming time off from work with some cold brews and a pickup? It’s a sweet thing to observe. Buckley is definitely giving off the vibes of someone just wanting Friday to get here ASAP. We don’t think this is much of a stretch. Heck, make every day close to the weekend. Let’s take a look and see what the actor is saying in this latest post on his Instagram account.

Fans are offering their hot takes on this photo. One writes, “I’m ready for the new season of Seal Team to finally show up on @paramountplus”. Another one also chimes in about his TV show, saying, “Can’t wait to see you back on seal team season 6.”

AJ Buckley Of ‘SEAL Team’ Definitely Finds Similarities Between Himself, Sonny Quinn

Buckley, who plays Sonny on the Paramount Plus show, has talked in the past about how much he is like his Quinn character in real life. “Sonny is just so handsome,” Buckley said in a joking manner. “I’ve grown to love how handsome I am. I’m a pretty lighthearted guy, and I’m always cracking jokes, which is [what] the guy my character is based on would do all the time. He’s constantly breaking balls.”

The actor did have his sights set on playing someone like Bruce Willis’ character from Die Hard fame, John McClaine. Buckley said that he wanted to play the everyman type who can do the impossible. He recalls a time shortly after CSI ended and Buckley’s father just died. The actor said that he put on a lot of weight and just was not focused. “A really big opportunity came up for a big franchise film and I auditioned – I got down to the wire,” Buckley said. “They had said, ‘Look he’s the best actor for the part but physically we’re not going to have enough time to get him ready.’ That crushed me inside.”

Pilot Episode Of TV Show Gives Actor Chance To Show Human Side Of Character

In looking ahead toward doing the show, there was an element of the show’s pilot episode that spoke to Buckley. It’s a part that reveals a little more behind the SEAL Team members than just their work. “What I loved about the show when I first read the pilot is that there’s this real human element to these guys that have to go do this as a job,” he said in an interview. “What they choose to go and do and sacrifice.”