‘SEAL Team’ Star AJ Buckley Reflects on Movie Role He Played ‘Almost 20 Years Ago’: VIDEO

by Taylor Cunningham

In a hilarious movie clip on Instagram yesterday (June 5), SEAL Team star AJ Buckley showed off his impressive acting chops from decades past.

Before Buckley became an elite Navy officer on his hit CBS TV series, he was starring in some of the most famous teen cult classics from the late 90s and early 2000s, including one named WISHCRAFT from 2002.

The movie was special for the star because Buckley thought that he and his character had more than a lot in common. So today on social media, he took a trip down memory lane with one of his favorite Buckley-ish scenes.

“For your viewing pleasure,” he wrote. “A friend of mine just sent me this clip. I did this movie almost 20 years ago called WISHCRAFT. I had a lot of fun playing this character… It was basically me playing myself in high school. #Grateful #CharacterActor #Journeyman #TimeFlies.”

In the horror flick, a smart wallflower named Bret finds a mysterious box in the mail. Inside, a note tells him that he has been granted three wishes. And when he asks for them, they come true. But at the same time, a murdering spree breaks out in his high school. And all the victims are the most popular teens in his class.

Buckley Plays a Conniving Social Outcast Similar to Himself in High School

Buckley plays another social outcast named Howie. And in the scene he posted, Howie cries in the principal’s office after learning that a student was murdered. However, he doesn’t actually care about the death. He just wants a hug from the hot school counselor. And the principal is well-aware of the ruse.

“What do you need from her?” the principal asks with an unamused expression. “You need some support?”

“Lots of support,” Howie says while obviously fake crying.

“A hug?” the principal continues.

“Oh, a good big hug,” Howie sobs.

“I can hug you, Howie,” The principal says annoyed.

“Ohh, no. That’s not a good idea,” Howie responds, while his cries turn more genuine.

Before ‘Seal Team,’ AJ Buckley Got His Big Break in ‘Disturbing Behavior’

Aside from the somewhat lesser-known WISHLIST, Buckley also played in series such as The X-Files (1996) and Millenium (1997). He also landed parts in major films like Random Acts of Violence, Convergence, and Deal of a Lifetime.

But according to his CBS bio, it was his role as Charles ‘Chug’ Roman in Disturbing Behavior that gave him the big break he needed to move on to star in SEAL Team.