‘SEAL Team’ Star David Boreanaz Gives Touching Speech as Cast, Crew Celebrate 100 Episodes

by Joe Rutland

It was a really special celebration that SEAL Team star David Boreanaz helped get off the ground for the Paramount+ series. See, Boreanaz and the cast and crew were celebrating them reaching the 100-episode mark on TV. The show originally started on CBS before moving to the streaming platform. They all gathered together and shared photos and videos on the show’s Instagram stories.

“Something exciting is happening inside…” is written on the first IG story. That’s followed up with “Any guesses?” with an eye emoji and a place for answering the question. Then, we come to a photo tagged with “100 episodes with Bravo” and a hand-clapping emoji. And now, we come across Boreanaz’s speech to the cast and crew members.

David Boreanaz of ‘SEAL Team’ Thanks Everyone For Involvement With The Show

He starts by saying “rewarded for stretching our boundaries and getting to that creative aspect. So I just want to thank all of you, you know, for being here. And just revel in this moment, be in the now. Because tomorrow, we don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow.” That’s followed up by Boreanaz offering a toast to everyone. A big all-caps “CHEERS” with champagne glasses emojis on both sides pops up.

Then, we get a cast photo that has “The cast who made it all happen!” written across it. And, well, that’s followed up by the cast saying that they missed having fellow star Max Thieriot there with them. This IG story on the show’s Instagram account actually comes from Boreanaz’s own IG account. Then, Judd Lormand shared the same picture Boreanaz did and writes “100 Episodes!” with a high-five emoji and American flag after it. If you are wondering where Thieriot was, then he might have been working on his new CBS series Fire Country. We don’t know that for a fact but he will be doing double duty in the world of TV shows.

Lead Actor Will Be Directing Episode As Part Of Season 6

Meanwhile, here is some news about the show in case you missed it. Boreanaz is going to direct an episode for Season 6. He revealed this in another IG story. In it, we see a photo of a script with the words Phantom Pattern written on there. Who is the episode’s director? None other than Boreanaz himself. He has directed other TV shows and episodes before. In addition, he happens to be an executive producer on his very own series.

In another interview, he talked about being a director. “Directing, now, is a reflection of the character that I’ve been playing here with Jason Hayes for five seasons,” he said. “Now, it’s a reflection of his leadership skills, his strength in being able to lead his teams.”