‘SEAL Team’ Star Max Thieriot Gives First Look at Upcoming Series ‘Fire Country’ in New Post

by Suzanne Halliburton

Max Thieriot is bringing Fire Country, a personal project, to CBS. And a day after the network announced its placement on the fall schedule, the SEAL Team star was hyping the new series.

He posted a snapshot from Fire Country to his Instagram feed. He captioned it: “Friday night’s gettin hotter! Fire Country coming this fall! Can’t wait for y’all to see it!”

Look For Fire Country On Friday As Lead In to Blue Bloods

CBS gave Max Thieriot and Fire Country a Friday prime-time slot that had been occupied by Magnum PI. It’ll serve as a lead-in to the successful Blue Bloods. The network decided to make Friday nights all about police and firemen. The first primetime hour features S.W.A.T, which the network switched from Sunday prime time.

And Fire Country isn’t a typical show about first responders. Here’s the show summary from CBS:

“Stars Max Thieriot as Bode Donovan, a young convict seeking redemption and a shortened prison sentence by joining an unconventional prison release firefighting program in Northern California, where he and other inmates are partnered with elite firefighters to extinguish massive, unpredictable wildfires across the region. It’s a high-risk, high-reward assignment, and the heat is turned up when Bode is assigned to the program in his rural hometown, where he was once a golden all-American son until his troubles began.

“Five years ago, Bode burned down everything in his life, leaving town with a big secret. Now he’s back, with the rap sheet of a criminal and the audacity to believe in a chance for redemption with Cal Fire. Inspired by series star Max Thieriot’s experiences growing up in Northern California fire country.”

Thieriot Sticks With SEAL Team for Another Season

Thieriot still is with SEAL Team, at least for another season. That’s according to Deadline, which reports that Thieriot recently extended his contract for another season. Production for SEAL Team, which moved from CBS to Paramount+, is starting soon. Then after filming finishes, he’ll head to the set of Fire Country, where he’s the star and executive producer.

The season finale of SEAL Team left Thieriot’s fate up in the air. He plays Clay. And at the end of the finale, he told Jason that he’d be leaving Bravo so that he could spend more time with Stella and his newborn son. The Bravo team gets ambushed while on the ground in Mali and Clay suffered an eye wound.

Fire Country initially was titled Cal Fire. Thieriot co-wrote the pilot and pitched it to the network. It also stars Billy Burke, who most recently portrayed a recurring character on 9-1-1: Lone Star. Burke definitely knows how to play a firefighter.