‘SEAL Team’ Star Parisa Fakhri Lands Role on Major FX Show

by Craig Garrett

Acclaimed FX comedy series What We Do in the Shadows is adding SEAL Team star Parisa Fakhri to the ghoulish mix for season 4. Fakhri is slated for seven episodes of the upcoming season, Deadline reports. Fakhri, who is best recognized for her parts in SEAL Team and Shameless, will play Marwa on the hit FX comedy. The new character is described as one of the many wives of main character Nandor.

What We Do in the Shadows is based on a 2014 feature film by the same name, directed by Jemaine Clement and Thor: Love and Thunder director Taika Waititi. Both Clement and Waititi have played their film characters in the series, as well. Told in a mockumentary format, the series debuted in 2019. It details the misadventures of vampire roommates living in Staten Island, a less loved borough of New York City. The ancient vampires are helped in navigating the modern world by their human familiar, Guillermo. The season 3 finale was a real shocker, leaving the characters displaced.

What We Do in the Shadows Cast Members battle over nap locations

Though classic vampires sleep in coffins, the cast and crew often squabble over nap spots.

Taika Waititi recently outted cast member Matt Berry on his big nap habit in the New York Times.” We’d nap all the time. I’d see a couch and be like, ‘There’s my couch.’ Matt Berry is also a huge napper. On the sets, we’d scope out the beds. And I’d be, ‘Oh, that’s mine.’ And then I’d come in and Matt would be in it.”

Jemaine Clement detailed how tough it is to find a rest spot on a set built for vampires. “Usually when you have a house set, there’s bedrooms with beds. But there’s no beds on this because it’s coffins. There’s nowhere to sleep. So everyone’s got to really search: ‘Ah, now that human character has a bed.'” Parisa Fakhri should take note and start hunting for a prime sleeping spot right away.

Season 4 finds the chaotic collection of vampires attempting to rebuild their lives in Staten Island, after a lengthy separation. The 3 major vampires find themselves on totally different paths. Nador continues to fumble his way through finding love. Laszlo is playing Mr.Mom as he raises Baby Colin. Meanwhile, Nadja is running a nightclub.

Parisa Fakhri plays Naima Perry on Paramount+’s SEAL Team. She has appeared on 41 episodes of the program. Fakhri has had roles on the Showtime series Shameless and ABC’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Fakhri is also a prolific voice-over actor. She has voiced characters in animated shows like Dragon Ball and Fullmetal Alchemist. She will make her debut on What We Do in the Shadows sometime in season 4, which starts July 12th.