‘Seinfeld’ Fans Debate the Merits of Fellow ’90s Sitcom ‘Frasier’

by Craig Garrett

Seinfeld and Frasier are two of the most beloved classic tv shows, and fans are weighing in on which one comes out on top. At first glance, they seem a bit like apples and oranges. Seinfeld focuses on a cynical New York stand-up comedian and his equally cynical friends. Frasier is based in Seattle and about a radio call-in psychiatrist and his eccentric, but loving family.

However, they ran in similar timeframes on the same Network. Seinfeld ran from 1989 to 1996, while Kelsey Grammer and company were on from 1993 to 2004. In fact, Cheers was the lead-in for Seinfeld which helped the show find a massive audience. Of course, Cheers was the show that first introduced Dr. Frasier Crane. With these parallels in mind, a thread over on Reddit explores each show.

Reddit gets into the weeds of the classic 90s sitcoms

Reddit user osquieromucho opened the floor with a straightforward question. “My two favorite sitcoms from the 90s are Seinfeld and Frasier. What do you guys think of the show? Personally, I can’t decide which of the two I prefer.” Though the question was asked on a Seinfeld message board, many Dr.Crane fans were quick to weigh in. “As much as I love Seinfeld, I just love Frasier more honestly. All the way through, I love it. It’s my favorite tv show,” one user wrote. Another user noted how each show has become “comfort” shows. “They are two of my main comfort shows. Great to unwind with after a long day.”

However, other users had a more critical eye. “I like Frasier a lot. My only complaint about that show is there’s a lot of episodes with everyone running around like crazy because of some misunderstanding, and if they’d just stop and talk for five seconds it’d be cleared up. Otherwise, pretty great sitcom.” Another user agreed while pointing at a bit of irony. “I know what you mean, but in the early seasons especially, the characters tend to keep information from each other out of spite. They don’t want to talk to each other most of the time. Ironic, since the show is about a psychiatrist.”

Reddit user OIlberger pointed out some key differences between the two iconic comedies. For sure, Frasier was pretty much a straight-up farce most of the time, which is its own style of comedy,” they wrote. Although they did have quieter episodes that relied less on escalation, misunderstanding, absurd situations, or physical comedy, they definitely leaned into theatrical stuff. I give it credit for having its own voice and style of humor that wasn’t a Seinfeld knockoff and was also distinct from Cheers.”

Indeed, it’s to Frasier’s credit that it didn’t attempt to capture the magic of powerhouses like Seinfeld and Friends and decided to blaze a unique bath. Perhaps that’s why each of these shows continues to find new fans until this day. For the record, Seinfeld holds an 89% rating Rotten Tomatoes score, while Frasier boasts a 95%.