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‘Seinfeld’ Fans Express Interest in This Outlandish Crossover

by Caitlin Berard
(Photo By Getty Images)

A timeless classic, Seinfeld not only captured the adoration of older generations but also that of viewers who weren’t yet alive when new episodes of the hit TV series were still a weekly occurrence. With that widespread popularity, Seinfeld is an unsurprisingly a popular topic on the internet, with fans discussing “the show about nothing” at length.

The online Seinfeld community offers an endless supply of hilarious content, from memes to parody tweets to crossover ideas. And at this point, it’s been over 20 years since the Seinfeld series finale aired, and fans are starting to get desperate.

In a Reddit thread, Seinfeld fans discussed a tweet suggesting a crossover between Seinfeld and…The Matrix? As outrageous as the crossover might sound, Seinfeld fans latched onto it, throwing around idea after idea for their unbelievable Seinfeld storylines.

In the original tweet, the fan describes a scenario in which George was offered the choice Neo was given in The Matrix: the red pill or the blue pill. Because George wasn’t offered any water, however, he declines both.

‘Seinfeld’ Fans Create More Crossover Scenarios

In the Reddit thread, more Seinfeld fans created crossover scenarios, each one as outlandish as the rest. Hilariously, however, anyone familiar with Seinfeld will absolutely be able to hear the dialogue in the characters’ voices.

One fan combined an iconic line from each production to create a comical scene. Morpheus poses the question to Jerry Seinfeld, “Have you ever had a dream that you were so sure was real?” to which Jerry replies, “I had a dream last night that a hamburger was eating me!

Another Seinfeld fan crafted an imaginary The Matrix crossover episode in which Kramer takes both pills Morpheus offers. After announcing to Jerry and George that he took both the red and blue pills, Kramer says, “I’m seeing everything now, buddy” before making his signature forward motion with his hand. Newman then steps onto the scene – wearing sunglasses, of course.

A third Redditor explains a scenario in which George gives a monologue about the world of The Matrix. In this user’s crossover universe, George takes the place of Neo. “They think I am the one who will take down the machines?” the user wrote. “I can barely hold onto a job in the simulation. The way I see it, we are better off in the simulation. They feed us, they clean us, and take some of our energy in return. I mean is that so bad?”