‘Seinfeld’ Fans in Heated Debate About George Costanza’s ‘Dumbest’ Moment in the Series

by Megan Molseed

During the course of nine seasons, actor Jason Alexander portrayed a character that has taken us down new roads of frustration. And he delivered this role with absolute perfection. Since1989, fans have gotten to know the Seinfeld crew. This, of course, includes Jerry Seinfeld – who is portrayed by the real comedian Jerry Seinfeld, as well as Elaine Benes, who is portrayed by Julia Louis-Dreyfus; Michael Richards’ Kramer; and of course, the endlessly pessimistic and neurotic, George Costanza, who is played by Alexander.

Alexander’s George Costanza is famous for making disastrous decisions that forever change the course of his life. This TV sitcom player (whom we all love…and hate…and love to hate) is well-known for making wildly ill-conceived plans. Plans that are regularly affecting the character’s career choices, family matters…and especially his love life throughout the entire series run. Now, fans on a Seinfeld subreddit are discussing – and debating – what, exactly, is the dumbest thing George Costanza ever did in the series?

Seinfeld Fans Debate The Many, Many…Many Dumb Decisions George Costanza Made During The Show’s Nine-Season Run

In a recent Seinfeld subreddit post, one fan of the hit TV sitcom series asks “What is the dumbest thing George ever did, and why is it breaking up with Paula for sucking his peach pit?” Of course, any fan of the award-winning NBC comedy knows this moment well.

In the sixth season episode titled The Doodle, George is dating Paula (Christa Miller). This woman is perfect for the short, bald, and super neurotic George Costanza. She’s super laid back and rather than finding George super attractive, Paula instead finds Costanza to be endearing.

This, however, doesn’t sit well with George at first. But, he does get over it eventually. Just in time for the real caveat to hit…she sucked on one of his discarded peach pits at the diner. Alexander’s George Costanza finds this move to be disgusting. So much so that he can’t even fathom staying with Paula beyond that moment. It’s a ridiculously dumb move, no doubt and many fans agree with the OP’s assessment.

Fans Discuss Some Of George’s Other Worst Moves In The Series

Another fan refers to the episode where he turns down NBC’s offer for the series’ fictional Jerry pilot.

“He really thought he could negotiate more money when him and Jerry have no experience?” the Seinfeld fan inquires. And, some other fans agreed with this, quoting some hilarious lines from the episode.

“Well, it was insulting!” one fan quotes from Alexander’s line. “Ted Danson makes 800 000 dollars an episode!”

Some other moments mentioned in the Seinfeld thread include the time Costanza drives his fiancee’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ross to his fictional house in the Hamptons. He refuses to give in to the couple, knowing that they actually know the truth about the fictional property. Ultimately, Costanza drives them around for hours and hours before finally copping to the truth.

Another few Seinfeld moments mentioned often in the thread are the time he ate an eclair out of the garbage; or when Costanza dumped his girlfriend…to pursue a woman who absolutely despised him.