‘Seinfeld’ Fans Think This Is the Most Skippable Episode of the Entire Series

by Megan Molseed

Seinfeld has long been one of the most beloved sitcoms to have ever hit TV airwaves. The award-winning comedy series took NBC by storm in the 1990s as we followed Jerry Seinfeld and his motley crew of friends and acquaintances in a now-classic TV series that has always been about “nothing.”

Now, some Seinfeld episodes have found their way into the pop culture scene where they remain even today – Soup Nazi, anyone? – years after the series came to an end in 1998. However, even perfection has its limits. And, Seinfeld fans have shared some episodes of the great sitcom that they would happily skip during a re-watch.

Which Seinfeld Episode Do Fans Agree Is the Most Skippable During a Rewatch?

Recently, some Seinfeld fans took to Reddit to discuss which episode in the iconic television series they find to be the most skippable. And, there is one particular series installment that fans agree is the one they are most likely to push “forward” on, skipping to the next episode. Which Seinfeld show would this be? The season three episode The Dog.

This episode features Jerry Seinfeld taking on the care of an annoying pup. This hilarious series of events unfold as the episode begins with Jerry seated next to a very inebriated man on a flight headed toward New York City.

When the man falls ill and is hurriedly admitted to the hospital, he asks Jerry to take care of his dog, Farfel. As many fans of the series mention in the Reddit thread, the episode’s storyline alone is fine. It follows the classic comedy we know and love from the hit sitcom series. However, in the effort to communicate just how annoying Farfel is with his incessant barking, showrunners ended up turning viewers away.

Seinfeld Fans Address the Show’s ‘Single Worst One-Off Character’

In the Reddit post, Seinfeld fans explain that Farfel’s constant barking is too much to handle. And it prevents the viewer from focusing on the overall plot of the episode. Additionally, Jerry’s reaction to the loud pup doesn’t make this any better.

“I’ve been watching Seinfeld to fall asleep for 15 years, I ALWAYS skip the Dog!” one Redditor writes in the thread.

“It’s impossible to relax with [Farfel] barking the whole time,” the Seinfeld fan adds. “And if I happen to doze off during the episode before, that damn dog will undoubtedly wake me up.”

“THE single worst one-off character,” another Seinfeld fan notes.

“I can’t stand the barking dog scenes that are just jarring and loud with Jerry then yelling at Farfel,” the Redditor adds. “There are just so many in that episode.” Other skippable Seinfeld episodes mentioned in the thread include The Trip parts one and two as well as The Cartoon.