‘Seinfeld’: The Hilarious Story Behind the Most Re-Shot Scene of the Series

by Taylor Cunningham

One season 8 Seinfeld episode had a scene so funny that the actors couldn’t manage to get through it without breaking character to laugh hysterically. And by the time they finally got it together, the crew had reshot it so many times that it broke a series record.

It was the installment titled The Little Kicks that carried the scene. And to most fans, it was a TV classic. The story saw Jerry carrying out a bootleg movie scheme for Kramer’s friend while George tried impressing a girl with a “bad boy” persona. The episode also showed the iconic Elaine dance moves.

But it was a scene with George that created the on-set hilarity. And you can watch it below.

Julia Louise-Dreyfus Can’t Take Jerry Stiller Seriously in this ‘Seinfeld Scene’

With a cast of comedians that include Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Jason Alexander, and Jerry Seinfeld, it’s no surprise that a number of blooper reels have surfaced since the classic TV series ended. But in this particular scene, it was Jerry Stiller who stole the show.

As the scene begins, Stiller’s Frank Costanza charges into a police station looking for his son George. And Frank is ready to ridicule him after his tough-guy antics land him in trouble. But Frank won’t allow anyone else to poke fun at George, especially not Elaine.

“Where’s my boy,” he yells frantically. ” My George isn’t clever enough to hatch a scheme like this.”

“You got that right,” Elaine, who is played by Dreyfus, quips.

“What the hell does that mean?” Frank asks angrily, which causes Dreyfus to break character and laugh hysterically.

The actors do take after take trying to make it through their lines. And eventually, they do get the short back and forth on camera.

But then, Stiller moves on to ask Elaine if she “wants a piece” of him. And the delivery throws her into an even bigger fit of laughter. And once again, they fight to say their lines through the humor.

The cast member did manage to get through the entire scene in the end. And the show aired on October 10, 1996. But the situation became a lasting memory for the cast and crew of Seinfeld.

in 2014, Jerry Seinfeld admitted that saying all of the words was so challenging for the actors that the scene went down as the most reshot in the series history.

“We had to do [it] over and over because nobody could stop laughing,” Seinfeld wrote in a Reddit Ask Me Anything session. “Every time Jerry Stiller would say “Do you want a piece of me?” we had to stop.”