‘Seinfeld’: Jerry Seinfeld’s Surprising Favorite Episodes

by Caitlin Berard

In 1989, the first episode of Seinfeld aired, a “show about nothing” that would change the face of television forever. Over the series’ incredible 9-season run, Seinfeld produced 180 episodes and never saw a dip in popularity. In fact, Seinfeld is one of only three shows to finish its run at the top of the ratings (the other two being I Love Lucy and The Andy Griffith Show).

Together with comedian Larry David, Jerry Seinfeld crafted both the premise and each individual episode. Though the pair, of course, had help from other writers, Seinfeld was largely their brainchild. With that in mind, it would be understandable if Jerry Seinfeld was unable to choose a favorite. Choosing a favorite is tough as a fan of a series. As the series’ creator, it seems an impossible task.

The Seinfeld creator, however, had no difficulty whatsoever in naming his best-loved episodes. In an AMA (Ask Me Anything) thread on Reddit, Jerry Seinfeld recalled his two favorites and gave explanations for both.

Jerry Seinfeld Felt ‘The Rye’ Marked a Breakthrough for ‘Seinfeld’

One of Jerry Seinfeld’s favorites is a Season 7 classic “The Rye,” in which George is faced with the embarrassing task of replacing a loaf of bread his parents gifted to his fiancee’s parents but then took back. Hilariously, this episode was based on true events!

According to Seinfeld, “The Rye” is a personal favorite because he felt that it marked a breakthrough for the show. “One was the ‘The Rye,'” he said. “Because we got to shoot that at Paramount Studios in LA, which was the first time that we thought ‘Wow this is almost like a real TV show’. We hadn’t felt like a real TV show, the early years of the TV show were not successful.”

“We had this idea of a Marble Rye and we had to shoot it in an outdoor set,” Seinfeld continued. “And this was a very expensive thing to do, it’s like a movie place there at Paramount in LA. Their standing set for New York looks exactly like it, and we thought, ‘This is where the ADULT shows are, the REAL shows like Murphy Brown.'”

“We felt like we were a weird little orphan show,” he explained. “So that was a big deal for us. And that was very exciting, we were up all night shooting it on the set of paramount and it was very exciting.”

‘The Pothole’ Was Simply a Great Time on the ‘Seinfeld’ Set

Jerry Seinfeld’s second favorite is Season 8’s “The Pothole.” This episode is the perfect encapsulation of the “excruciating minutiae” the show aimed to portray. Jerry knocks his girlfriend’s toothbrush in the toilet and George drops his keys in a pothole that’s then paved over. Meanwhile, Elaine struggles to get food delivered to her apartment and Kramer adopts a highway.

For Jerry Seinfeld, this one was just plain fun to film. “The other one that was really fun was in the episode ‘The Pothole,'” he said. “Newman drives his mail truck over a sewing machine and his mail truck bursts into flames. It was really fun to shoot, and it was fun to set Newman on fire. And he screamed ‘oh the humanity’ like from the Hindenburg disaster. It’s one of my favorites.”