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‘Seinfeld’: Remember When ‘Better Call Saul’ Star Bob Odenkirk Appeared on the Show?

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Bob Odenkirk may be portraying a former conman turned lawyer in AMC’s Breaking Bad spin-off TV drama series, Better Call Saul. However, some may remember when he was a doctor…well, almost a doctor…on the iconic sitcom series Seinfeld.

In the eighth season episode of Seinfeld, Bob Odenkirk portrays Ben the almost doctor dating Elaine in the episode titled Abstinence. In this episode, Julia Louis Dreyfus’s Elaine is dating a man she thinks is a full-fledged doctor. However, she soon learns that he isn’t quite a doctor yet.

He’s attempted to pass his licensing exam three times…failing at each try. This, of course, bugs Elaine. But she is content to learn that she can still refer to Odenkirk’s character as “doctor.”

Bob Odenkirk Tries His Hand In the Medical Field In One Seinfeld Episode

Elaine begins to settle with her “almost” doctor…for a little while. However, a run-in with her frenemy Sue Ellen Mischke at the diner prompts her to sing another tune. When an employee at the diner collapses, Elaine turns to Ben for help. However, Odenkirk’s character isn’t jumping up to help anyone. He does, however, suggest the collapsed diner employee should lift his legs.


So, Elaine starts helping Odenkirk’s Seinfeld character study for his licensing exam. However, his next try doesn’t go well. The next try, though, proves successful, much to Elaine’s delight. But her dreams of dating a doctor are about to be shattered. Once Ben has become a full-fledged doctor he decides to dump Elaine. Because his dream is to dump whoever he is dating when he becomes a doctor to find someone “better.”

Which Better Call Saul Lawyer Would Odenkirk Hire In Real Life

Better Call Saul is full of its share of dark and corrupt characters. However, a questionably seedy history doesn’t always mean that someone wouldn’t make a great lawyer. This is Bob Odenkirk’s take as he discusses which TV lawyer from his AMC drama series he would like to hire to represent him in real-life.

“I think Jimmy’s clever,” the Better Call Saul star says of his character in the Breaking Bad spinoff series.

“And he can turn a situation or a concept,” the actor adds. “And turn things inside out in a way that a lawyer can do and is good in the law.”

However, despite his faith in Saul Goodman’s cleverness, it was the character’s romantic interest, Rhea Seehorn’s Kim Wexler that Bob Odenkirk would hire for real-life representation.

“I think Kim,” Odenkirk says.

“Boy, you believe her,” the actor explains.

“You really believe her feelings and her commitment,” he adds. “I feel like anybody who’s listening to Jimmy knows they’re getting scammed. I don’t think that’s necessarily good in a court of law.”