‘Seinfeld’: Why This Episode Pitch Was Deemed Too Dark for the Series

by Joe Rutland

Many episodes of the TV sitcom Seinfeld have to do with rather mundane and weird experiences in the cast members’ lives. Jerry Seinfeld has to deal with Kramer or one of his girlfriends. Elaine has her share of work issues and relationship struggles. George can’t keep a job unless, of course, it’s with the New York Yankees.

All of these situations are handled in a lighthearted way most of the time. Episodes just fill up with different funny hijinx. Would you believe, though, that there was one episode that had more dark humor to it? We’d find this one in Season 4 and it’s titled The Airplane.

Elaine Would Have Been Facing Issues Over Death on ‘Seinfeld’

What’s interesting about this Seinfeld episode is that the original pitch, had it been accepted, would have tossed Elaine for a loop. If you recall, Jerry and Elaine, played by Julia-Louis Dreyfus, find themselves on a long flight. Jerry just goes ahead and takes up the first-class seat while Elaine gets into the coach section. Her issues just get a lot worse. She sits down and is surrounded by people sleeping, chewing gum loudly, or even a lady pushing her seat all the way back into Elaine’s space. It’s a mess.

But the original pitch would have really taken this episode into the abyss of Seinfeld moments. See, they wanted to have someone die in the episode, according to ScreenRant. That way, Elaine would have had to deal with another different situation. Additionally, the show would have put one of its signature characters in the space for dealing with a serious matter. Not that there weren’t serious moments but most of the high spots were funny and entertaining. Death is pretty serious and, well, seeing how Elaine went through the situation would have been quite interesting.

Which Cast Member Would Win The Most Emmy Awards?

That pitch was not accepted and the episode would follow in the Seinfeld format. It did take Jerry and Elaine out of Jerry’s apartment and put them into another space. Also, viewers just grow a lot fonder of the show’s cast. Seeing these two go through some things while on an airplane did bring out the laughs. It would have been a different tale, though, with a dead person on the flight. Reportedly, one of the Seinfeld production members did have a situation where a dead person was on a flight with them.

Meanwhile, which Seinfeld cast member won the most Emmy Awards among them? Toss out Seinfeld and Dreyfus. Sorry, it’s not even Jason Alexander. The right answer here is Michael Richards, who won three Emmys for his role as Cosmo Kramer. That’s worth a “Giddy-up” from the funny actor-comedian.