‘Shark Week’ Kicks Off 34th Year Today: How, When to Watch

by Megan Molseed

It’s that time of year again, Shark Week is taking over the Discovery Channel beginning today, July 24. This year’s oceanic event returns in its 34th year with a full slate of impressive programming featuring biologists, explorers, and all types of celebrities. Some of these celebrity guests include Tracy Morgan and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Johnson is scheduled to serve as Shark Week‘s first-ever Master of Ceremonies.

Here’s The Shakedown Of This Week’s Events

On Sunday, the Discovery Channel will premiere Return to Headstone Hell. This event features some fierce tiger sharks going head-to-head with some migrating great whites. Following this event is Great White Battleground where experts head to South Africa to investigate the great whites and decipher their habits.

Next, the Jackass cast including Johnny Knoxville will be getting into the Shark Week groove in Jackass Shark Week 2.0. Following this is the Great White Open Ocean. This event follows diving expert Jimi Partington, as he tries to overcome his fears after nearly dying during a great white attack in 2020.

A Week Of Exciting Surprises

Some other big Shark Week events include Stranger Things star, Noah Schnapp teaming up with expert Mark Rober to explore some impressive undersea ruins searching for unusual sharks. On Tuesday, July 26, the Impractical Jokers crew take on some big – and hilarious – challenges as they try to dispel the fear that these deep ocean creatures live only as man-eating terrors. Later, Jaws vs. Kraken will take over the airwaves as the experts give fans an impressive glimpse at the battle between giant squids and great whites.

On Thursday, actor and comedian Tracy Morgan gives us Tracy Morgan Presents: Sharks! with Tracy Morgan. This Shark Week special sees Morgan as he teams up with some well-known experts in the field. These experts take us throughout the country as they identify some of the craziest – and most aggressive – sharks that reside in the deep ocean.

Shark Week Has Been Giving Us Impressively Educational Thrills And Chills For 34 Years Now

Great whites aren’t the only focus during Shark Week, of course. During the Rise of the Monster Hammerheads event, experts give us a peek into the journeys of this unusual and impressive breed of shark. This adventure takes shark lovers deep into the Florida Keys and into the Bahamas for the Hammerhead adventures.

The fan-favorite Shark Week event has been thrilling audiences for 34 years now, giving us an educational glimpse deep into the darkest parts of our oceans. It’s an annual event that both fascinates us and terrifies us as we explore the cold-blooded ocean animals. The event runs from Sunday, July 24 until Saturday, July 30.