Sharon Osbourne Slams ‘The View’s Joy Behar: ‘She’s a Bit Cray-Cray’

by Alex Falls
Steven Ferdman / Contributor / Getty

Sharon Osbourne is getting ready to come out and tell her side of the story that left her fired from The Talk after controversial comments. She took part in the TV special Sharon Osbourne: To Hell and Back for Fox Nation.

While promoting the upcoming show, Osbourne called out co-host of The View Joy Behar. While she said she was a fan of the show, she recounted a story of when she felt Behar personally insulted her.

“I met [Joy] once at a social function. She picked up my hand and looked at my wedding ring and said, ‘Oh, my God that’s gaudy,’” Osbourne said. “I wanted to say, ‘Jealous,’ but I didn’t, I held it back,” Osbourne said. “I just think that she’s a bit cray-cray.” 

The Talk was often compared to The View as it featured a panel of female voices commenting on recent news stories. Osbourne said she often watched The View in her dressing room and was even friends with other women from the show.

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But Osbourne also had some choice words for CNN analyst Don Lemon. When Osbourne defended controversial comments made by her friend Piers Morgan, Lemon covered the story on his primetime show and painted her in a negative light.

“He turned against me. He never called for a quote, he never called for his statement, and he turned against me. And I was a big fan of his,” Osbourne said. 

“He used to do the New Year’s Eve show, and he would get drunk and he’d be in clubs, and I thought he was a hoot. I really did,” Osbourne continued. “But, I just thought, ‘How ignorant of you not to ask the other side.’ Because that’s your job. That’s what you’re meant to do. So, I thought, ‘I’m not watching you on New Year’s Eve again.'”

Osbourne took some time away from the spotlight after the controversy. She had time to reflect on what topics she wants to stay away from going forward and what she learned about life along the way.

“There are three things I never want to talk about, religion, politics and minority groups because you can never win,” Osbourne said. “There will be 50 percent that agree with you and 50 that think you’re an a**hole. And the 50 percent who don’t agree become judge, jury and executioner.”

“You have to let it go,” Osbourne continued. “But, I can still talk about it. My feelings of anger and frustration have gone. If I had taken that around with me. It’s too much, I would have given them too much by carrying them around. You have to learn to let that go. Do I think I was unfairly treated? Yes. Am I gonna be on my dying day still talking about CBS? No way.”